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Re: What is best enema for cleansing while on parasite and candida cleanse? by jhan ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   11/23/2014 9:34:09 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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How I do it to hang the enema bucket on the curtain pole of the bathroom and try to hold it for 20 minutes (unless I am in a hurry then I put more water and expell it immediately) After the bm, I wait for 20 to 25 minutes, that is in between the 2 steps of inserting water. When I do so, after 20 min, I get a bm (bowel movement) of candida only. THen, I do the retentive enema to allow my colon to rehydrate. If I do no wait 20 min. the second enema is full of thread and my body wants to let it out. Sometimes, I wait and do not seem to let all the candida threads out and I expell the second part. Listening to your body is the key.

Here is the official procedure: //

I have done quite a few coffee enemas at first - then the fact it stains the enema bucket and hose made me worrisome and now, I basically do not bother brewing coffee, water enemas are good enough.

Here are the different recipe: //

Salt enema are no good when suffering from candida - others are ok. Like I've said, water enema is my very best. Many people recommend antifundal enemas - I never went for them, but I insert garlic on a regular basis to help kill the culprit.

Do not worry about what food comes out - if you are able to identify the food it means it is undigested food (which feeds candida) so you want it out.

Getting rid of threads in between the 2 steps is going to help relieve a lot of stress from your liver - which currently struggles to reduce your body toxicity.

When I was doing enemas 2x/day, 4 years ago, people would warn me of becoming dependent on them. I had found that whenever I felt tired or did not feel well (die-off - herx rea ction) an enema would be really helpful.

I still think so - but I do not suffer from constipaion anynore. Sometimes one natural bm/day is just not enough. I get to burp a lot and My reflexology point for the liver under my foot is painful, my legs feel like my bloodstream canals are itchy = this means an enema is needed.
So does sudden episode of fatigue.

Hope this helps,


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