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Re: Borage oil by search4truth ..... Acne Forum

Date:   11/23/2014 1:00:45 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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HI GUYS!!! 1 year later and I pretty much have it all figured out ;)

If you start PHASE 1 liver detox without accelerating PHASE 2 liver detox, all the toxins that were transformed in phase 1 will circulate in your blood, lymph, and body fluids causing ACNE, ECZEMA, rosacea, and general dis-ease!

Now, what starts phase 1 liver detox without starting phase 2?? Two things:

a) toxins, which stimulate the liver to start dumping to get them out
b) nutrients (b12, folic acid, flavonoids aka antioxidants), which stimulate the liver to start dumping to become healthier.

Like I said, if you stimulate that phase 1 without starting up phase 2 in high gear you can die and become "re-toxed." In fact, CARCINOGENS by definition are things that start phase 1 without awakening phase 2. But even if you try to do good by taking B12, if your liver is blocked and phase 2 is hindered, B12 is basically acting as a carcinogen.

SO... what are some things that stimulate PHASE 2?!? magnesium, ALA, NAC, methionine, glutathione.... oh and BORAGE OIL!!!

The fats that stimulate phase 2 detox are:
-Black currant seed oil
-Borage oil
-Evening primrose oil

My Acne was caused by toxins (duh, like all dis-ease) that were circulating in my blood lymph due to my phase 1 releasing them without phase 2 being active to clean em up. Borage oil simply started phase 2 and sweeped the bad guys out.


I drew up a diagram in case you want a visual!



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