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Seborrheic Dermatitis completely under control!! by scoliam ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   10/21/2014 7:26:13 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hey guys

I have finally concluded my method for getting this nasty skin disorder under control, I have seen a lot of people posting miracle cures after 1 week of doing them then coming back to say their method no longer works so I've done this for 4 months and everything is going great! So listen carefully

1. Diet
I avoid all sugars (natural and added), caffeine (the last piece of the puzzle!), all food high in carbs (pizza, pasta, crisps, bread) also avoid alcohol!

I eat a high protein diet that almost completely consists of meat and eggs, and some nuts. So I eat sausages, bacon, cured meats, chicken, beef, omelettes etc. I'm not going to lie this diet is very restrictive but the protein is great for gym workouts and they have no effect on my skin

2. Wash your face in warm salty water every night before bed

This is a very big part of my method, search this on the internet and you will find a lot of success stories linked with salt water guys. I dissolve Sea Salt flakes in a sink full of water and give my face a good wash for about 4/5 minutes then pat it down with a towel and let the salt do its work. I use Cornish Sea Salt flakes that I buy at the super market, use just under a cup full of salt, if it hurts your eyes your using too much!

Guys please please try this for at least 2 weeks before you give feedback so we get a good tested review from you!

At the start of this year I was very depressed and had nothing going for me.. Now I have a job, a car, I'm back in education and currently applying for university, but best of all I have a wonderful beautiful girlfriend! I want all of you guys to be as happy as me so please please please give this atleast a month. My symptoms are 90 percent gone. I would never lie to you guys because we all know the struggle and how hard it is.

Post on this any queries you may have and most importantly if this works for you i beg you to spread the word so we can help more people, look forward to hearing your success stories! Thanks guys

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