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Re: ala?????? by joegrane ..... Chelation: Andy Cutler Protocol Forum

Date:   10/1/2014 10:52:17 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Why not learn more before jumping in.

At the moment, I'd increase antioxidant consumption, including vitamin C, E and selenium. more on that if requested.

The mice in the Gregus study that received ALA excreted more Hg than control mice but also ended up with *more* Hg in the brain and organs. Andrew Cutler, PhD chemistry, comments here.

Obviously most people don't have a terrible reaction to taking ALA, especially not in the short term. However in the heavy metal detox groups there are lots of people who are sensitive to it. The theory is that since it is a dithiol chelator of mercury and other heavy metals (HMs), it kicks up the HMs as a part of the detox process. Those who are not good excreters of HMs and who have a HM problem are likely to be vulnerable.

Notice the two SH/thiol groups (mercury magnets) positioned nicely to better grab a HM.

These are some of the adverse reaction reports I've collected over my 4+ yrs in the detox groups.

Inappropriate use of ALA. Sometimes it takes a while for the effects of inappropriate use of chelators to be obvious to adults, let alone autistic kids. These are some examples from adults, some of whom actually had gains in some areas initially but then realized damage was being done, usually to the brain as Hg levels likely increased.
-300mg ALA 2x/day while I still had amalgams....from really-sick-but-functioning to completely disabled, in just 6 months
- KellyB. "...took 50 mg of ALA once per day for months...while I had Amalgams in, during the removal process, and even after they were removed....I have suffered tremendously because of this. My health deteriorated rapidly - MCS, extreme food intolerances , depression, anxiety, etc."
- 100 mg ALA in a multivitamin for 10 days. "...caused me to feel anxious, weak, fatigue. My head is held captive
to these heavy metals. I want my own brain back so I can think and function..."
- 20mg ALA in the weeks after Amalgam removal. "...has given me the worst severe burning brain for 2 days straight, along with extreme burning muscle pain and weakness all over."
-R-Lipoate w/ hidden Amalgam //
...I took close to 200 different powerful herbs, and nutraceuticals including R-lipoate. It was at the end of that 5 month period, that I begin to get severe jaw pain around the rotten tooth ( the one that I did not know had an Amalgam in it). It was around this time that I essentially had chronic fatigue and anterograde amnesia set in. It was a profound, rapid, failure of my health, I went from ...going to college full time, to just being debilitated.
- ALA 600 mg 3x a day + NAC 1200mg x 2 a day. "... have severe ringing in my ears, brain fog, funny taste in mouth , headaches, blurred vision, memory problems and having difficulty functioning...stopped 8 days ago ...but it did not go away-- also head aches..."
-200mg in B Complex w/ amalgam present. "I had daily headaches.... I had the weirdest tingling sensation in my face going EXACTLY from the tooth ... up into my cheekbone."
-ALA 300mg. Teen in psych hospital w/ suicidal thoughts. Cutler comments on how the inappropriate use might be causing or contributing to the problem.
-300 mg ALA, 2x/day. "...improvements in peripheral neuropathy ...then developed worse neurological symptomsÖĒ

Cutler's audio interview where he explains some of the basics--#96 here


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