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Re: Salt Water Flush - Never Again!!! (don't follow with juice) by yerr_sister ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   9/29/2014 12:18:09 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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but many people have not eaten healthy, stayed active or happy and that is why they are in the state they are in to have to cleanse their systems.

as for your argument that experience means nothing, well, the very definition of WISDOM is "the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise." so yes experience matters a great deal.

and there is a limited amount of health care professionals around that are even familiar with cleansing, let alone with true health.

the fact of the matter is that most sick people who do become well, did not get that way from their doctors, they may have gotten the diagnosis from their doctor. but their healing came from a wide range of sources, yes some on the internet. however, many times the doctor cannot even come to a diagnosis. some even miss simple things such as mononucleosis!

true each one needs to be fully researched, but in the end it is only ourselves that have to actually be the ones to find the road to health.

and that usually involves fasting, and changing dietary habits and to include mental and emotional health as well.
most of the advice on sites like curezone consists of simple non-drug and not harmful remedies, salt water, apple juice, fasting, enemas, colonics.

more have had far worse results going to medical doctors and usually come home with a handful of dope, aka pharmaceutical drugs.

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