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Re: What's the story morning glory? by denizen3 ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   9/3/2004 1:11:08 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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As context, I did a 22 day Master-Cleanse straight by Burroughs' book in May/June of this year, after which I changed my eating habits from junk/fast/convenience foods to primarily raw/vegetarian.

On 8/16, I started my 2nd Master Cleanse by the book. Over the past several months, I've done a lot of reading on Curezone and other sites regarding various cleanses. (I'm hoping to rid myself of allergy and food-intolerance symptoms, as well as become an all-round healthier person.) I decided to do a parasite Cleanse. I was advised by others that a Bowel Cleanse would be good for me, and I also wanted to do a liver flush, hoping it would diminish or alleviate the allergy symptoms.

I wanted to do each of these cleanses in sequence, but looking at the calendar, saw that once September hit, my schedule was crazed until mid-October. So after some thought, on day 8 of my MC, I shifted to the Ultimate Cleanse (MC with Paragon & BPs - I don't mix the BP with the lemonade, going by the PTree post re BPs). I did a Liver Flush on 8/27-28 because I knew I wouldn't have another free weekend for quite a while, and wanted to see if it might be something I could do during the week. (It's not. ;)

It was my first liver flush, and I'd say it went pretty well. I got a ton of teeny stones, more than a handful of raisin sized stones, and a lot of chaff. Late Saturday, I had some discomfort just below my left rib.. like something was twisted. Other than that, I felt good - the only hard part was having to eliminate every 15-20 minutes for almost 24 hours. The next day I felt like a whole new person, physically and mentally. I continued to pass stones of varied sizes and chaff for several days afterward. I look forward to doing my next one, hopefully in October if I have a free weekend.

Yes, I resumed the Master-Cleanse - or should I say UC - the day after the Liver Flush ended (Sunday). Today is Day 19, and I'm taking it day by day now as to when I'm going to break. If I go past this Sunday, I will revert back to the straight Master-Cleanse for the remainder. I have felt really good when doing both the MC and UC. I have as much or more energy, feel really light and clear. Detox effects for me have mostly been the white tongue, muscle soreness, and yesterday a headache on my right side (where I have sinus trouble), so I'm hoping that was working on that problem. :)

If you have never done the MC before, I would advise you to do it by Burroughs' book the first time so you can see how it affects/benefits you in its pure state. I would not have done or be doing the UC now had I not had a prior successful MC experience. I'm not sure that I would do the UC again, but it's what I needed to do for me at this time.

Life is a journey, and I'm finding cleansing to be a particularly exciting trip!

Best to you and whatever you decide to do,

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