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MCS triggered by root canals, trying to heal by MrDave92 ..... Chemical Sensitivities Support Forum

Date:   9/18/2014 5:07:01 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hi guys, i'm new to curezone.

I'm a 22 year old male who began experiencing a rapid deterioration in health following dental treatment last November.

I suffered an accident and required 2 root canal surgeries on my front teeth. Following my first root canal i became ill feeling like i had the flu with unexplainable anxiety, fatigue and pressure on my head. I then received the 2nd root canal and things really took off, i developed aches and pains all over my body in my joints and muscles, red ears, depression, extreme panic attacks, brain fog, sinus congestion and stuffy nose, abnormal ECG reading, facial rash, extreme fatigue, tingling sensations, ear aches, all over muscle twitching etc.

I saw many, many doctors who couldn't find my problems and ran tests for lupus and other autoimmune disease which returned negative. After becoming frustrated with the medical profession and their inability to help me i connected my illness back to the root canals and it all made sense. The more i read about chemical sensitivity the more it became apparent to me that the symptoms i experience and the way in which they were initiated fitted the bill.

I found a holistic dentist who removed the 2 root canal teeth about 3 months ago and hoped it would cure my symptoms but they have remained following the extraction. I have recently begun 'The Gerson Therapy' following a 10 day Water Fast and unfortunately i'm yet to see any positive results after a month of the therapy. i have minimised any potential exposures as best as i can and i'm doing everything i can to regain my health.

Does it tend to take a long time to recover from an exposure when someone has chemical sensitivities? The root canals were in my mouth for 7 months so it was quite a lengthy and constant exposure. I just want to start feeling better again & my lack of improvement is upsetting


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