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Enema cramping, need advice! by search4truth ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/12/2014 9:38:16 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi guys,

I have some problems haha.

I've been infested with parasites since a young age. My grandfather died of Alzheimers (parasites/lyme in brain?) grandmother died of epilepsy (parasites/lyme in brain?), my other grandmother died of stomach cancer (more parasites), my mother has SEVERE mental health issues (also INCREDIBLY infested with parasites, very bad depression, anxiety, addictions, Sugar addiction, coffee addiction). She was considered 'morbidly obese' before her gastric bypass surgery so I can only imagine how many parasites she was housing. She was at that weight when she became pregnant with me. I was born with "nervous system problems", colic, and put on "gas drops" within the first few days of life for my explosive diarrhea and gas.

SO, I got the gardasil vaccine a few years ago (was forced into it as a minor) and sh** hit the fan. I now know that the heavy metals in the vaccine lowered my immune system and allowed the worms to burrow deep into my body. Then the parasites ate up the heavy metals and use them to shield themselves from being eaten by my stomach acid. Everything finally makes sense thanks to Andreas Kalcker explaining how children with parasites develop autism after vaccines, in the same manner that I developed my illness and parasitic infestation after the vaccine. (

I have the usual. Tons of rope worms that won't die. Liver flukes, ascaris, etc.

When I was younger and did the "master cleanse" and took senna laxative tea (smooth move) I would be in HELL every single night. In fact, any time I took ANYTHING with senna that made my colon contract I would be in hell. I would be in the bathroom banging my feet against the ground and holding onto the walls trying to stop the cramps and the intense heat waves and tingling going through my body. FINALLY the cramps would stop for a minute and some fecal matter would come out. Then they would start up again until the next fecal matter/water came out.

Now I'm doing enemas along with oral Wormwood /clove/blackwalnut and Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

Every single time I do an enema I get the senna feeling. As soon as the water goes in the cramping starts. I can't hold an enema for more than 5 minutes. I've read that this shows I'm infested.

And when I try to expel the enema - holy crap. Literally. HEAVY cramping and pain just like the senna episodes. Last night I was trying to expel a simple salt water enema and I thought I was going to either throw up or pass out from the pain.

I get a ton of fecal stones and brown muck out every time. Mucus too. The fecal stones always come after the cramping.


1) I've found that when I do a plain distilled water enema with no salt it's the WORST. But when I do a distilled water with lots of salt enema it's better (still not painless!!). Why is this?

2) WHY am I having so much pain during enemas? Why is this cramping happening? Is my colon toxic? Is it filled with stones or wrapped with rope worms?

3) Every time I sit in class or sit for a period of time I feel "anal cramps." Like something is biting my colon/anus so hard and I can't move or else the sharp shooting pain gets worse. Is this the rope worms biting my colon? Is this why it hurts so bad when I expel enemas or take herbs that make my colon contract?


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