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Re: Please Help- What to use in Laundry to kill Fungi by may25 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   9/1/2014 3:17:18 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I have also had Tinea Corporis (ringworm) in the past. It started with one infected spot on my arm and spread all over my body. The way that I got rid of it was by taking extreme measures to make sure no spores were left to reinfect me or others. These are most of the steps I took to rid myself of this problem:

1. I always wore clothing that covered any infected areas. This way, I avoided spreading spores. Even when sleeping make sure to wear clothing that will cover the infected areas so the spores will not transfer over to your bedding. If the infected areas cannot be covered at night I recommend changing your sheets every night and washing them.
2. I washed my white clothing with bleach. My colored and dark clothing I washed with ammonia. I'm not sure of the exact amount I used but I would estimate it being around at least 1 and a half cups to 2 cups per gallon of water. I also let the clothing soak in the ammonia with water for at least 2 hours. Never mix ammonia and bleach as it can create poisonous fumes. After I let it soak in the ammonia I would wash it with regular detergent. Also very hot water can help kill this fungus. Iíve read that water at 104 degrees Fahrenheit will not kill all fungal spores but water at 140 degrees Fahrenheit is very effective.
3. Another step I used was to only use a towel once then wash them. I tried to just use white towels since they can be bleached easily. I also tried not to rub the infected areas with the towel to avoid spreading the infection. Instead I would just pat the infected areas dry with some paper towels. Iíve heard some people prefer to use a hairdryer to dry the infected areas.
4. Any household surfaces that may have come in contact with fungal spores I would clean with a water/bleach mixture or I would also use lysol disinfectant spray when in a hurry or on surfaces that may get damaged by the bleach.

These may seem like extreme measures but I assure you they work. I have been free of this fungus for years now. These measures of course will work in addition to treating the Tinea. When you apply any antifungal creams be sure to wash your hands afterwards to avoid spreading spores and infecting other parts of your body.
I live with a few family members and because of the measures I took they never caught my fungal infection.
I started to have a reoccurrence when I visited my boyfriend (ex boyfriend now).He had athletes foot and never told me. I recall seeing him scratching his feet but never realized it was a fungal infection. I even thought I may have caught it from his dog at first and asked him if his dog had a fungal infection (I caught my first infection from a dog). It turned out he was the infected person and I realized that when I saw an antifungal cream on his nightstand and remembered his feet scratching. It was just one spot on my leg which I began treating immediately. I began my antifungal cleaning regime again so it never spread. It was easier to treat since it was just one leg and one spot. I washed anything that may have touched my leg just to be safe. I also happened to break up with my ex ( for unrelated reasons) at that time so luckily I wasnít re-exposed to the spores in his home again.
I hope this info helps you as it helped me. I figured out what to do from reading many things about this type of infection and how I can effectively get rid of it. Good luck!


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