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Dr. McCombs Candida Diet Tips by grizz ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   7/20/2014 3:11:40 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Dr. McCombs Candida Diet Tips

Forget about those insane Candida Diets. Our Candida expert, Dr. McCombs has healthy tips to for us:

"Tips For Meals
* Start your day with some form of protein.
* Make a spinach (or other vegetable) omelet (I use egg whites only).
* Make the brown rice cereal and add sliced fruit such as bananas, apples and berries.
* Broil a steak or bake a piece of fish for lunch or dinner. Serve it with any of the dozens of vegetables.
* Use a variety of foods to make a simple vegetable or chicken soup or a beef or lamb stew.
* We do not recommend canned foods and sauces, as they ferment and can increase their sugar content.
* If you're stuck traveling or eating out in restaurants, order a burger and salad for lunch. Remove the bun and hold the dressing.
* Carry a supply of plain brown rice cakes for snack. You can top it off with avocado.
* Keep plenty of fresh fruit on hand.
* Bake yams, sweet and regular potatoes and have them as a snack.
* Use Extra-Virgin Olive Oil with lemon or lime juice on salads. You can also mix up your own dressings by adding seasonings, fresh and dried herbs, and Bragg's Liquid Amino Acids.
* Dessert ideas: Freeze and enjoy your own frozen fruit or buy some from a grocery store.
* Make your own thick French Fries with Olive Oil and seasonings.
* Fruits and veggies should not be overcooked so as to change the composition of the food. Thinly slicing veggies and fruits and baking them caramelizes sugars in food, and that should be avoided. * Eat fruits and vegetables as whole or cut into chunks.
* Sugar free gums and mints can contain aspertain and other chemicals that may be harmful to the body. Click here for alternative options.
* Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes are all interchangeable just make sure you are eating well balanced meals throughout the day.
* Choose a day during the week to do additional cooking so you will have a few days where you do not need to cook.
* Eat throughout the day to provide your body with nutrients and energy.
* Use the plan as an opportunity to try new recipes, seasonings, and herbs and to create your own dishes.
Feel free to enjoy any of our recipes at any time of the day.
* Enjoy these tips, and you’ll be eating better than you have in a long time!


Weekly Sample Menu:

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