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Tomorrow is my last day - a little nervous by likefasting ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   8/8/2004 10:05:32 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Tomorrow is day 35. I can't believe I lasted this long. Aside from being very ill the first day and a half from absolutely no preparation (went crazy with holiday weekend before starting), I have had a pretty uneventful 5 weeks. Some headaches and backaches. Crabbiness. Cravings.

On the plus side I slept beautifully, lost 37 pounds as of this morning and have not taken so much as an aspirin when I am accustomed to 40mg of Prilosec a day for heartburn and GERD and 50mg of Imitrex a couple times a week for migraines. I also formerly took loads of vitamins and supplements that I find myself reconsidering for the future. I previously took Ibruprofen daily and it was likely doing a real number on my liver.

As a result of being so connected with curezone throughout my Master-Cleanse I am considering changing my diet by cutting out much of the meat I ate, as well as most processed and fast foods. I want to try using coconut oil for cooking (I have already begun to use it on my skin and it has been great). I got myself a DVD on beginning yoga from the library. And I read and read and read from the many informative sites here at curezone. I have been finding some vegetarian recipes terribly attractive.

One more day and I start my orange juice. And I can't wait to make some soup! I just hope I feel as good as I do now. (I am aware that my body will still be detoxing as I go off MC. Just hope I don't have a big detoxing crisis waiting during that time!)

I think I could have kept going, but I guess I am basically bored now. My family wants me to eat with them again. I feel like I have accomplished even more than I have set out to do for a first crack at this and I feel completely free to do it again and to keep learning better ways to care for myself. I feel a great sense of anticipation for the future and not fearful as I did before. This has really been an adventure and will continue to be.

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