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celiac body odor by helpshere ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   7/14/2014 8:59:17 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hey everyone i havent visited this sight for a while but i suffered from fbo and eggy odor. My celiac test came back and i have celiacs disease which has answered alot of questions for me since a large percentage of celiac patients suffer from Body Odor when they are exposed to gluten. It takes a few months to cure completely as the protein can reside in deposits with in you gi tract but even after a few days my odor is multiple times better. if i eat any gluten oi get a sickly smell and my stomach acts up. i knew i was gluten intolerant before as the blood test indicated that but a biopsy proved it completely. before the test the odor was nearly absent until i decided to celebrate the end of school with whiskey. which is made entirely from grains. poison for my body basically. i got really sick and the odor returned with a vengeance. all the time i spent on the diet with l glutamine to repair my gi tract was lost and i got sorta depressed due to the waste and had a gluten binge, i cant even describe the smell, god awful but ive been on the diet for a few days and the reduction in odor is marked.

for anyone who is dealing with odor issues, fatigue , gi issues it would be a good idea to look into gluten as the cause.

thanks i hope a few people see this and solve there problems!

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