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Re: Should I get an upper endoscopy? by summerhaunt ..... Acid Reflux/GERD Forum

Date:   6/25/2014 3:48:58 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Also, your reflux and IBS problems sound more to me like chronic errosive gastritis, which I suffer with. Because of it, I get stomach pain that feels like alcohol poured in an open wound, except the pain does not go away for hours ... as you can imagine, it is excruciating. Before going gluten free, it felt more like reflux or heartburn, but since going gluten free I get the awful burn I have described above if I accidentally get gluten in my food. You may want to try Zantac instead of Prevacid. Gluten intolerance is an IgA immune response, which causes inflammation in the stomach and intestines. Zantac inhibits histamine-2, which is what the IgA response is (IgE is a histamine-1 response).

For me the Zantac eases the gastritis pain within about 1/2 hour. Prevacid did nothing for me. What also helps is drinking some alkalized water, which soothes my stomach quicker, within minutes, while I wait for the Zantac to kick in.

Alkalized Water (also called energized water) is something you can cheaply make: Get a stainless steel pot or bowl, a couple wires and a C, D or 9-volt battery. I use a 9-volt battery with one of those snap caps that already has the wires with it (can be bought at Radio Shack for under a couple dollars). Fill the stainless steel pot with distilled water. Attach the wires to the battery (one to the negative side, one to the positive side). Touch the inside of the pot with the positive wire, and tap the outside of the pot with the negative wire ... hold about 3 seconds. You may see a tiny spark. I usually repeat about 6 times. You can then drink the water.

I know it sounds silly, and it doesn't make sense because that shorts the battery, but it truly does something to the water. My son, the scientifically minded doubting-Thomas, didn't believe it, so I had him get his voltmeter to test it. We very scientifically measured the water before applying the electricity to it, then afterward, and it definitely showed a change indicating it was energized for an extended time after the wires were taken away. He was shocked and said that was impossible, but the proof was there. :)

You can make more energized water by pouring some of the energized water into other water. But I have no idea how much is needed to "seed" the new water, or how long the charge lasts, so I just always create fresh with the battery ... it's just too easy. I will sometimes even energize a large pot of water and pour into a bath to energize the whole bathtub of water for a long soak (feels great afterward, helps with tight muscles, skin health, and feels hydrating).

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