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Re: Just how important are vitamins by S. Goldman ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   6/23/2014 3:06:57 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Vitamins and supplements are very important to support health and wellbeing. However, I want to warning everyone within the view of my writing that their is a deliberate organize effort to attack and discredit vitamins, supplements and anything natural that the Mainstream Medical Community and the Pharmaceutical Industry does not profit from. If you look at the ticker tape below many of your favorite news programs, you will see these subliminal message streaming across your screen, many times without the uninformed paying attention. And after all, that is the purpose for them doing all of this. I just want to say that no amount of "Expertise", "Organized Lies" and other Clandestine Efforts to discourage people from continuing to seek out cures that do more good than harm to the human body should not be allowed to trump your body's Inner Physician. If something is working for you, it is working for you. And don't let some ginned up research discourage you from continuing your regimen of healthy diet, exercise, proper rest, prayer, mediation and vitamins and supplements. I am living proof that they do work. Because 12 years ago, I was told that if I tried to wean myself off of 15 prescriptions, I would die. That was in 2002, and I replaced each one of those drugs with an equivalent supplement, and It is now 2014 going on 2015, and I am still alive. Some medical personnel will tell you anything just to make and keep the sales going.


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