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Re: Toxic Mold Exposure..please help by Fondues ..... Toxic Black Mold Forum

Date:   6/7/2014 10:47:24 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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This might helps someone seeking help for mold exposure and poisioning . First step is to MOVE from the house that is making you sick leave your stuff in a garage or storage. Do not cross contaminate your new enviroment buy new clothes bedding towels leave fabric furniture behind throw it away. Wash clothes in ammonia if your planning on keeping them . Thieves oil in the new enviroment in humidifer might help kill whatever that might have took a ride with you to your new enviroment this has to be done repeatedly. Do not use strong chemical because your are already mold sensitized. Ammonia kills the mycotoxins not bleach or alcohol or perioxide. Sowipe down all leather wood furniture with ammonia and water please wear eye goggles and gloves, you must wash your clothes with ammonia quarter cup of ammonia to kill the mycotoxins. Get on fungus free diet, this literally will starve the mold and mycotoxins so they die and take cholestyramine this carries the mycotoxins out of your body Take Gama Detox fx or super high quality zeolite with clay to get the poisionous mycotoxins out of your body. Take mycotoxin inhibitor 20x, and alkalize and get colonics. Work with a real mold mycotoxins specialist that has been trained with Dr Shoemaker he is the leading authority on mold/mycotoxin poisioning which is a neurotoxin this is scary serious stuff it disrupts your body processes /pathway you need a specialist to help you get your body normalized it is complex and you do you need to work with someone that is SPECIALIZED. I cannot stress that enough because tests need to be done to see where you body has gone haywire and it needs to be addressed methodically and carefully to help you.
Do not reexpose yourself it can be very scary if your do this some people have serious allergic reactions.

I noticed that I can no longer simply just do the things I used to like travel and just go stay in hotel or go to restaurant or theater. Forget about looking at antiques or going to hippie vintage store, those days are over. Soon as I go to place that has mold I start feeling nauseas dizzy and I will throw up mold has made me highly senstitized to all types of smells, chemicals it is so crazy it takes years to really get well.

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