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need help for reducing or getting rid of hemotoma after lumpectomy by knowledge seeker ..... Breast Cancer Forum

Date:   6/2/2014 4:02:59 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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hi I had a lumpectomy for Breast Cancer 17 days ago and developed a hemotoma about 19 days after surgery.

It is huge about the size of a softball and hard and like a size c breast sitting on toip of mine and pushing down on it and distorting my breast, changing how it looked post surgery before this happened.

Doctor drained it via needle aspiration 3 days ago. After I left it started bleeding and saturated many layers of cloth etc

Then it stopped late that night but the next morning the breast again inflated to humongous size and is sticking straight out like huge implants making it look very uneven with my other breast.

I am most worried about it being is heavy and not that comfortable and had a small one 19 years ago from a different lumpectomy that formed a hard marble like lump and anytime I get a mammogram they think the scar tissue is cancer and biopsy it.

This is way way bigger and will obstruct a good part of the breast for rechecks and I do not want this biopsied as they suggest and right now I want more frequent testing like mammograms.

I do not want a bunch of biopsies form this and to look like this permanently and it fills my whole hand and feels much bigger and harder than the cancer.

To b honest it is scary and hate to be tied to this doctor who is rude to me as I did not do her suggestions for cancer treatemtn and the visits to her are not enjoyable by any means.

I do want it drained sooner than 3 weeks though. I am dong the heat she suggested 3 times a day but doing nothing so far.

Is there anything naturally I can do to get the formerly radiated breast (she said that is why it happened but before I did not have radiation for some time after I got the hematoma in the past in a different location

So I am not sure if that is why I got it but what can I do to drain this blood or at least keep it liquid and not clotted though I read blood thinners were not good for hemtomas not sure what I can do by hydrotherapy, herbs, essential oils or something to make the breast reabsorb this hemotoma so the swelling goes down and is not permanent as this will cause problems.

would Iodine help this like it does regular breast lumps since it is due to surgery and cutting of blood vessels which is not normal to the body.

I thought maybe I should start Iodine and get the Iodine loading test that they approved for free to avoid a false test result as read if very deficient in iodine it could run off like a dry sponge and show up in the iodine and later after iodine show a more deficient reading so thought maybe I should wait for the test until I have tried it a while as can only due to poverty get the test once as cannot pay for it any more.

Please help as I think the doctor does not care and so spent with doctors and stress cannot look for another at this time.

I would do it naturally if I new how I could not find much with goggle search.


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