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please help me immediately I am ill and in pain by knowledge seeker ..... Help Me! Forum

Date:   5/21/2014 2:48:37 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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don't know where to post I do not have liver cancer to my knowledge but had beast cancer ;lumpectomy Friday and Monday night brother getting something for me from my closet and he fell on the bed cause he stood on it with my there and accidentally kicked me in the liver area and ribs on the opposite side of the cancer.

When I lie don the pain and nausea since is so bad. It feels similar to when I had a car wreck 4 years ago and they let me out of hospital after 3 days and I continued to have every similar abdominal pain/nausea that I thought was from something else.

On the 9th day after surgery, I went into shock and just made it to the hospital in time was they said 20 minutes later they would not have been able to stop my body organs from shutting down.

I had a ruptured spleen and lacerated liver that the hospital missed and was bleeding internally all that time.

they sent me to a trauma hospital telling me they were going to remove my spleen and part of my liver but decided when there at 2nd hospital to admit me and watch first and eventually I did not need either surgery.

My dilemma is that time doctor came with me in ambulance and said with liver surgery I could never take another herbs the rest of my life when I got upset as I treat everything with herbs he got mad.

I am afraid to go to the ER as afraid maybe I am bleeding inside and they will remove liver. If they do, I will die from cancer and go through horrific pan of it spreading to liver, lungs and brain as I feel as I am counting on curing myself only with intense herbal alternative program and without herbs feel I am dead. They will never understand this at the ER that I only think trauma medicine and a few things they do are ok and use alternative health for everything. (would it help to take cayenne before going to ER is it storing enough to stop bleeding I have taken some off and on)

I do not want it to spread to brain and thinking if I lost everything from I own as might get stuck in a nursing home losing all rights to do what I want and no where to do it and if that is my future then I might as well die now or hasten it.

I cant of course say this to ER or they will not let me out but do not want to die either way but the pain gets a little better when I am up (I had to clean as they sent inspection notice and noon hardly to help and I felt better and feel asleep but just woke up an hour later in a lot of pain and debating going to hospital as I cannot and will not let them remove liver as I cannot get thorough life never taking herbs as it is all I do for health problems and afraid if I try to leave I cant sign myself out or will have to pay insurance.

Need to know if it is true with liver part of it anyway removed can I never again take herbs and why

It might also be gall bladder and my bilirubin was elevated 1.4 (1.1 mac I think it was and took bilirubin lowering food so they would not cancel surgery and it went down but stopped those foods and maybe it is that or maybe cancer spread to my liver o(doctor thinks no) or maybe just busied. (note doctor said earlier when she called with cancer biopsy result if in that much pain to go to the hospital but I am hesitating feeling better as I sat up but every single time I lay down bad pain and nausea crampy grabby sensation comes back and afraid to go due to fear of them removing my liver or maybe gall bladder). It feels so similar to before before I went into shock..if they say remove liver I decided to not live if that is clear. so scared to go but scare not to as well I feel like I am in hel_ I feel a little dizzy now but may be cause it is hot in here and I am stressed so could be blood pressure

not sure what to do..please help help soon

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