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Lesson learnt the hard way! by #169820 ..... Leaky Gut Support Forum

Date:   5/6/2014 5:49:46 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I'm posting this to hopefully prevent others suffering like I have recently. I've been diagnosed with leaky gut and candida. I've been having very positive success just taking enzymes and zinc for a while, I've tried many things and this has been the only treatment that has worked for me, and continues to work.

Anyway after a while taking zinc and enzymes I began to get my energy back, the foggy feeling started to lift and I began to tolerant foods that I previously couldn't eat without reacting. So I decided to try probiotics. In the past I have had hay fever type reactions to probiotics so I avoided them at first.

I started on a very low dose and didn't get my usual reaction, I was excited, so I increased the dose. Then I became very sick. I thought I had a terrible flu so I continued the probiotics and continued to slowly increase the dose. After over a week of being sick and not improving in the least I decided I should see a doctor. I didn't consider that the probiotics caused it, I thought I had the worst flu I'd ever had in my life. I couldn't work, or leave the house.

The doctor diagnosed me with an infection, I had a low grade fever and swollen glands, along with bad flu symptoms. But no cough or runny nose. Just extreme tiredness and an achey body. He prescribed me Antibiotics . I didn't take them and decided to wait a bit longer. This was because I already knew how sensitive I was and didn't want to add Antibiotics if I didn't need to.

After 2 and a half weeks of still not improving even a little I actually had a dream about a bad reaction to my probiotics. I started to wonder if these were causing me to be sick. I did some reading and came to the conclusion that because of my leaky gut I shouldn't be taking probiotics yet. They were getting into my blood stream and my immune system was reacting to the good bugs as if they were bad.

I stopped taking probiotics and the next day started to improve and I'm almost better now. So what I have learnt is probiotics are great if they stay where they belong, in your gut. When they get into the blood stream which can happen with leaky gut your body will react and want to get rid of them.

So I will stick to the enzymes and zinc for now. In my opinion the best way to go is to get rid of what is causing the leaky gut first (in my case candida), then heal the gut second and last of all re-populate with probiotics if needed, but not until the gut is healed!

Anyway I'm not saying this will happen to everyone, but I hope posting this will prevent someone else from going through what I went through the last 2.5 weeks.

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