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Re: Do not mix Mesosilver and MMS. Some questions about LDN by Esstee ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/4/2014 7:39:37 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Particle silver seems to be a favored label for these types of solutions(metallic).

As for Argyria, I'd add that the going consensus that Particle or metallic silver is somehow safer doesn't stand to reason. ie, as history has shown us that Argyria has been contracted through various methods, including though not limited to; external and dermal exposure, inhalation and ingestion. Though what's most interesting is where these case were not limited to that of ionic solutions, but rather, that of; base metals, powder, particles and various silver compounds etc. Which seems to cast serious doubts on these so called safer true colloidal solutions being marketed today.

Along these same lines; here's a brief paragraph containing some data on Argyria published by the Division of Investigative Medicine.

"Argyria is the principle manifestation of *metallic or *ionised forms of silver compounds accumulated in the body due to excessive absorption over a long period of time. Argyria is characterised by the deposition of inert precipitates of silver selenide and silver sulphide in the connective tissue surrounding the vascular tissue and glands of the papillary layer of the dermis but not epidermis..."

You can view the entire document here:

That being said, what really stands-out in all of this is where all of the documented cases of Argyria share the common element of: Quantity X body-weight / time. Which is likely why Argyria has become quite rare despite the increase in Colloidal Silver popularity in recent years. As most all naked Colloidal Silver solutions(ionic OR otherwise) loose stability at/or around the 20ppm mark. And more importantly, why the results of published studies include both ionic and metallic solutions respectively.

Very interesting findings on the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and particle silver btw. And I think the chemistry behind the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement reaction may be similar to that of Hydrogen peroxide. Which apparently changes the particle form and loss of light absorption in the colloidal suspension. And though I'm not entirely sure(this was some time ago), but I seem to recall something about the impact of the reaction not being equal to oxidation in the classic sense, as silver particles are subject to oxidation(oxides) through UV exposure and air.

Even so, I wouldn't drink it. :/


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