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Re: Group Outings & Some Surveys by nanasluv ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   4/25/2014 7:35:20 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hey Im so sorry you get treated badly by some of your relatives. The same here one of my favorite cousins lived with me for a while keep in mind paid no rent basically and he knew i had a bo issue i could not help and still treated me badly he was embarassed to even bring his friends and gf to my house he stayed in the garage and there was a door that seperated it from the house and his gf would say close that door its making my stomach hurt referring to my bo. I even needed a ride to a dental appt and he avoided me as much as possible so he didn't have to give me a ride. So I know the feeling sometimes the people closest to you treat you the worst.We are treated like we are contagious or something it's pathetic;I have not always had bad bo and I remember when i actually smelled good and normal and even if I noticed someone else having bad bo I never said nothing I knew it was rude and didn't want to hurt anyones'feelings, if it bothered me alot I would just quietly move away from them but it would have to be pretty bad for me to make that move bc i would try my best to tolerate the bo to not hurt peoples' feelings. Anyhow I hope and pray we all get cured of this soon I want my normal life back!

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