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Today I took the ultimate test to see if I was REALLY cured, (Good read) by BeastGun ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   4/9/2014 4:47:21 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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So some of you may have read my posts in the past and know that I've been cured for about 10 months now

Well when I caught FBO last summer, there was a time when I didn't smell until I took one TINY sip of beer and stank the whole room out

I then ended up being cured about 2 weeks after that incident.

The thing is, this situation scarred me and ever since then I've been VERY wary of alcohol and have probably only had about 2 drinks since then...

Well today I finally gathered up the courage to buy a small bottle of whiskey (4 inches tall) and drank 1/4 of it in public (This was PURELY for the test, I'm not an alcoholic)

In short, I definitely DON'T smell. No one reacted at all, including when I walked by kids and their parents. To make matters even worse it's a hot day and I was sweating (making the test even more valid)

My Feces smell has been gone since last June but it left me paranoid, even though I knew I didn't smell anymore, I hadn't properly drank alcohol since then so I still had 5% of doubt

Anyone who believes/knows they're cured should do this test, alcohol is known to instantly cause FBO/TMAU to react so this is a 100% accurate test to see if you've truly got rid of it


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