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Re: Prescription antidepressants by BrightSideOfLife ..... Depression Forum

Date:   4/7/2014 3:09:15 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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At the end of the day, it will not solve the problem. They can be helpful to get people through acute Depression but many people require a maintenance dose for the rest of their lives.

I learnt a lot about my mood from iridology and chinese medicine. Together they show the reason why Depression does not usually get cured and why people require maintenance AD for the rest of their lives.

Depression shows in the kidney zone of the iris near 6 o clock. There are rings around the iris which prevent healing of the nervous system and only when they are gone can healing take place. This corresponds to Chinese concepts of Qi/Chi and some Chinese herbs, such as my old favourite, Tu Si Zi, tone the Kidney Qi and over a period of time the rings begin to fade and the Kidney Qi improves which can allow the nervous system to heal. It helps to take a Kidney Yin tonic such as Wolfberry, Gou Qi Zi which is often called GoJi berry.

I have visited a Chinese herbalist and while taking Chinese herbs I watched my irises and the rings through the kidney zone became quite faded. I took a very strong Aloe vera juice with Turmeric which pushed past the remaining rings and healed some of my kidney zone which improved my mood quite a lot. There is still a lot which is not healed but my nervous system & digestive system in that area is so shot to pieces due to other regrettable conventional treatment that healing it completely is going to take a lot of doing. However every bit helps and I highly value what I got done.

Herbalife Herbal Aloe drink is also very effective at removing the nerve rings. However it's expensive stuff, too expensive so I make my own from the constituents which works out considerably cheaper. I use Aloe Vera juice, Alfalfa fluid extract, German chamomile essential oil, one drop in a dropper bottle of water and some lemon juice. I give that a strong shake and drop one drop into the other ingredients. It's quite relaxing and helps the breathing too. However that works primarily on the Liver which does have a relaxing effect on the rest of the body and in turn relaxes the rings.

I still favour the chinese herbs.

Depression is about the kidney AND liver when there is active depression.

The real benefit comes when the kidney zone is healed. Anxiety and depression all disappear.

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