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Could someone help me figure out what is wrong with me? Greatly appreciated.. by Eddieburgers ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/1/2014 10:30:46 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hello there!

New to this forum and website but I look forward to giving back to the community as well as getting help..

Right now I need help. So I am in another country, in central america, away from my home in the US. I have been here for 2 weeks now and for the past week I have had chronic diarrea, all day and most nights. No matter what I eat. I tried the B.R.A.T diet for a while and I still had diarrea. So today is day 8 and it seemed to slow down a small small amount, but probably because I am not eating too much.. Everything I eat comes right out!

The other part, is these headaches that I have been getting for the past 3 days now. I get them at the exact same time every morning (9 am) and they last until about 1130 am, with a peaking migrane around 10 am. Its on the same side, above my left eye, and also my left cheek. SO i feel that it is sinus related, maybe cluster headaches?

Im not sure if these problems link together but I am sure they do. So do you think its a parasite? Virus? I really dont know and please don't suggest the doctor because there aren't any around here. I am in a very secluded spot for the next few weeks and if it does get worse, which it hasnt- it has just stayed the same, then I will go seek more serious help. But right now its just diarrea all day, part of the night, and head aches in the morning.. NO fever, chills, vomiting.

Any suggestions how to cure my diarrea would be great because I feel like i am losing weight but I don't know how to stop it from coming out! I am hydrating well with electrolytes and water, tons of water and chicken broth and some coconut water.

Thank you!

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