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Re: Isocort replacement? Is there Another good natural desiccated thyroid Product out there? by wiredgeneration ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   4/1/2014 12:46:56 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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There isnt anything unique, no therapy is unique. But he will listen, not like Lam, he will listen and talk to you for a couple of hours and make a system up for you, based on Dr Poesneckers work. If your in NY buddy, you can go stay with them as they are upstate, little pricey but you get the peace of the countryside and physical therapists and counsellors etc.

You will do follow ups at your own pace, but he recommends them every two to four weeks or so at the start. No therapist is going to hold your hand in all of this, same as no MD, but he has FAR more compassion than Dr Lam every even thought could exist, so he will care and listen to everything you have to say and take a very detailed history. My first Skype call with him was two hours long, and that was after I already sent him 10 pages worth of history and testing! I just wish I found them before I was brutalised by Lam and his megadosing.

I used to get the ACE from a few companies on Amazon, but seems they have stopped doing it, so I just order from Clymer now. Im in the UK and we dont have any suppliers at all of it but you might be able to find some in the US. I suggest working with him or someone else who knows extract therapy as shotgunning dosages of things is why some of us remain poorly, need a steady system to work to.

However this is just all my opinion and experience/thoughts so far. Hope that helps buddy and you see some results!


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