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Snave2000: Science and Reason vs Wisdom. Scientific method vs Clinical knowledge applied. by curied ..... Energized Water Support Forum

Date:   3/17/2014 3:18:55 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Found your posts via chem1 com website that debunks John E.

Example from chem1 com:

John E:
" ANY LAB will tell you, many other health promoting activities can't work without the ELECTRONS found in 1CHARGED WATER because 2OXYGEN levels have dropped to as low as 8%, in today's water molecules, they are SMALLER and CAN'T HOLD the additional donor ELECTRONS (from OXYGEN) needed to make them work!! 3As a result, VIRUSES and BACTERIA are mutating out of control... CAUSING almost ANY problem you can name!"

Chem1 com states:

1This ungrammatical sentence contains numerous false statement...

3Mutations in viruses and bacteria are natural processes that have no direct connection to oxygen levels or electrons."

Snave2000, I have read several posts here including your lengthy one on chemistry with the battery analogy.

The sad truth is that #3 has to be false and in context of the overall topic #3 (from chem1 com) exposes just how limiting words can be when covering most topics in

So on the one hand I can agree with #1.. the John E. statement cited is very problematic but #3 does nothing but
open the door to more confusion. What is meant by
"mutations?" They are NOT all "natural" processes considering causal source and affect. How does the global
system (my body) inform the total picture?

"[Mutations have ] direct connection to oxygen levels or electrons.."

My mind draws a blank.... PH/Acidity, Oxygen Levels and free electron damage have major impacts on total wellness
and these are ignored in all the posts I have read (and hence the awareness to do something about them is not evident from the critiques.)

SO I am not chemist and would not have been able to think thru and write what you did Snave2000 in your longer chemistry post..

I have used shaped water, high PH, and oxygenated water
to great effect.. Yes in "natural" health clinics so the
Doctor's and Dentist's are not likely going to be cited
in any scientific journal anytime soon. They can sure
vet the crappy Science though.

I have also run down my system with Sugar and coffee.

I KNOW the difference!

My points to you and your readers sir are these:

1. Clinical knowledge exists. It is impacting, high quality
knowledge. It will never be found in scientific journals, or will not be vetted and cleared for a published paper until several years later - IF EVER.

2. Something somebody said to me once set me off on a
journey to find wisdom. From Hamlet: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

Snave2000, thanks for your better posts but readers simply
are not going to find their answers in the "scientific
method" as currently practiced in American society. They have to mount and try to maintain defenses for their bodily systems with an HOURLY mindset. Oxygenated tissues are one such defense and shaped water molecules the permeate tissues (before they even reach the stomach for example) are one such defense.

Whether the John E. method does that or another way be it. I will not be looking for any
validation in "science" when real world observation
(the water going down my throat) tells me what I need to

Regards and Respects to all.


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