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Re: Time War Memories by JediShayman ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   3/4/2014 6:46:08 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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hmm, interisting. but was'nt it visible who claimed "god" and the "serpent" were two sides of the same coin? and otherwise just inferred they were the same thing? i believe that was the red ice interview, or one of them if there was more. never could get into his poems. maybe just cant handle focusing on all the f***ed-up-ness he needs to purge from his psyche on the reg, maybe just dont like complaining, or maybe mostly from loosing a dramatic amount of respect for him after saying he just wanted to be like a good dog walking next to "god" whilst in tears(no disrespect for getting emotional on air of course, that actually garners it, just disappointed as to what it was mainly about)

so just very interisted that you hold visible opinions or connection with spirits in such high regard.

last time tried to tune into a "transmission" scrolled through then clicked on a link concerning how it was "bad enough THEY were cutting out foodstamps" only to click on the link and see that the article was referring to foodstamp use in gas stations and convenience stores, LOL, WOW, never tuned back in after that. although i suppose a good connection with a spirit does not necessitate that person have their sht together, and could even go against it from the energy demands. maybe that could explain alot actually. but anyways, less as a prophet seems pretty ridiculous with his themes being in the context of someone like christenna pratts spirit connection and all the amazing no bs, logical, integrity filled guidance that has been coming from it. so, things like this just make me reeeeaaaaaallly wonder, what sort of entity you puppeter is like, as well as the idea or experiences leading u to being such a "god loving" person.

oh yea, and i do not mean to seem offensive or defensive etc.. i have just been not calling bs and giving you the benefit of the doubt for waaaaay to long, since i was so happy to actually find someone to aspire and look up too + deducing that your spirit connection was most certainly coming from a place of lucidity far greater then i have ever experienced, since our memories only go back to what its like interfacing into a broken flesh vehicle. but anyways, all this prophesizing has got me wierded out a bit. so no longer am i so willing to give so called benevolent gods and powerfull "benevolent" spirits the benefit of the doubt to the degrees that i was before. i mean why prophizize, whats the point? longthink short, methinketh the entity u refer to as god, or at least the ones/s behind the aspects of scripture that are (EDIT) NOT yaweh as the lord type sht, may have alot of CONFLICTS OF INTEREST.... that in my opinion should garner much caution towards the use of bridges/mouthpeices such as yourself, since obviously it is in their best interest to not have their prophecy be so off, or look a joke, and loose such faith and influence. i guess there fierce love, is supposed to make up for this, yet... why prophesize to begin with, why not just leave it out, let things unfold more naturally, get to know us better in the process, and increase the love and consciousness fractality in that process..... hmmmm something smells very fishy to me, especially concerning your post's over the last few months. but, if it was not for this prophesizing, and not for your sketchy representation as a frequent or infrequent bridge, much more stoked for existence i would be, for it has been made clear that awareness testing is a primary mode for things, which i love.


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