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The Miracle of Apple Cider Vinegar by Libberty101 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   2/9/2014 10:30:48 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I have been on a parasite removal quest for the past few years and have used the Bob Beck protocol, Kefir, juice fasting, Water Fasting and have used Intestaclear for the past 4 months. With this in mind, I thought I was pretty well on top of it and felt I probably wouldn't have any more parasites in my system even though I never saw anything come out. As part of my ongoing quest for good health, 3 days ago I decided to raise my intake of Apple Cider Vinegar from occasional to 3 times a day. I drank about a tablespoon, full strength, each time.
On the first night, after my ususal spinach, cabbage and beetroot juice, I felt something at the back of my throat. No matter how much I coughed, nothing came out but I definitely knew there was something there. As a last resort I grabbed the ACV and gargled with it and then spat it into the sink. I was horrified that along with the water, out came a long worm. It was so surreal and appaling that I haven't got the words to describe it! I still had the feeling in my throat so I continued to gargle with more diluted ACV and everytime, after the water dropped into the sink, so did a worm! Every time I spit that water out I cringe, waiting to see what will come out of me next.
I have kept this up for past few days and stuff is still coming out. I have also started ACV enemas to hurry the process along. On one hand I feel disgusted that this is happening but on the other hand I feel so lucky that I at least am lucky enough to be able to clean them out of my body.
I have posted this to let anyone suffering the same issue, that ACV has done what years of fasting and herbal remedies could not - It is getting the parasites out.

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