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Testimony on Humaworm and RG cream by matchmaker ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   1/31/2014 1:38:08 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hey Brandy and everyone who reads my post.
I timed out when I replied to your question on the RG cream. I wrote a lot but this will be short and sweet.
Read my second message to you.

I have never diluted it so I can't tell you how it works if you do.
RG told us that a little and I mean little goes a long way and he was right.
I put a very tiny and I mean tiny bit on a Q tip and swab it as far up as I can get it but I go very slow and take it out very slow. I don't use it every day. The menthol may be too strong but sense I can't really even see it on the a tip it is ok for me. When I first started using it RG told me it would not hurt for me to use it everyday. If you use too much then the menthol is too strong. Just a very small dab is enough to kill the critters and I mean dead !!! First time I tried it my nose itched really bad. When it started itching I scratched and pulled out this thin round rubbery white ascaris roundworm. He had not been dead long. I have sense pulled out several. RG said when they are in the nose they are white. They also hide in the BM and then they are stained brown.

When you have killed them in your nasal passages and they have been dead for a least a day without being extracted then they look transparent in color and thin and you can see lines going across the body. You will be able to see that they don't resemble mucus at all. You will be able to identify them.

I used to live on antibiotics for sinus itis and it made me super sick.
Sense I started HW 7 years ago I have not had one sinus infection and I am alive!! I was so sick I don't think I would be here today.
I also swab a small amount in my ears with a q tip being very careful not to go in to far to bust my ear drum. My ear was gets rusty in color but when I use the RG cream that goes away for quite a while.

You can use RG cream under your arm pits as a deorderant. Everyone is different to how much they need.

This is the truth. Before HW I had a bad problem with under arm smell but after I did about 4 HW and liver flushes and Colon cleansing I didn't need any deorderant at all. Sometimes I will make a paste of 1/4 extra virgin coconut cream and one dropper full of wild oregano p73 and mix it and use they as a deorderant sometimes if I need it. It seems like if I eat red meat then I will have to kill out the bacteria for a few days then I don't have to use it again so I try to stay away from red meat and of course pork.
If you have read my posts then you know I had two brain surgeries from pork tapeworms eating the lining of my brain. I felt them running for their lives Can't remember what number HW cleanse but doesn't matter they died!!! I didn't get them all. I was so busy last year I didn't take care of myself I only did one HW. I feel them in my head again. All my tremors went away and now they are coming back. So we have to keep up with the HW to stay healthy. I am on HW now. This is my third day. I feel them running again. Lol. They have nowhere to run. It feels itchy when they run. I feel them under my scalp.

If anyone thinks they can do one HW and not do one again ever and not get parasites they are wrong. Larve is everywhere.
I was 52 before I found out about HW. I wish I would have known when I was in my twenties or thirties. I would have had a better life.
Both my daughters got married. Sept and oct and I did everything from flowers to the wedding cakes and then I put on my parents 60th wedding anniversary party in dec. it took me a year but I had so much energy to pull it all off and it all turned out beautiful but my health started down hill because I didn't get much sleep and didnt focus on my health.
This year it is going to be all about me and getting my health back.
I am already starting to get my energy back. I have already done two liver flushes and am going to do one after HW. Have to wait 7 days but I will wait a few weeks just to be safe.

This is another thing that I have to report on. I had my mamaograhm the end of last year. They told me I had some cysts growing again.
I have posts telling everyone that ALL my cysts were gone and my breasts were completely covered. They hurt. I told the doctor that told me they were gone. I said look back at old X-rays he said yes I see you were covered. Then I told him I did parasite cleansing he shook his head and said no menopause is why they went away. I had not started going through menopause at the time in fact it was three more years until I started. I knew right then I better shut my mouth. This is testimony also for me not taking care of myself and only doing one HW last year and because of it critters started taking over again. Well they are on the Green Mile now waiting for execution. Lol. Everyone who has found HW is so lucky!!!!
I don't get paid for this I feel God lead me to HW and gave me my health back and knowledge on how to get it back so I wanted to give back. I have spent hours with people. On the phone and via email and so forth
I slowed down because I take care of my 9 year old granddaughter and my 4 year old granddaughter. Takes a lot of my time plus I have to be two steps ahead of them. So I only check in once in a while. Everyone can follow my testimony. I have the BSA award tons of RRR rated and more if you want to see my journey. I have pictures I posted. You have to go back 7 years ago to see them. Just click on my username and to to page 1 and read my better posts. Sorry for the long post. Happy cleansing and don't be afraid of die off I welcome it because I know my critters are going to their grave. Hug's to everyone. Donna

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