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Dawn, I question your motives & compassion for the suffering of others by eclectichedonist ..... Depression Forum

Date:   3/18/2004 4:16:36 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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You might also be interested in this @Eniva's site

"(c) Every Member should lead by example. Members are expected to maintain a strong retail base so their downlines will understand that this is the heart of the business. The Company's main focus is for the leaders to teach their downlines the retailing process."

and of course, a word to the wise:

"Your first name of Dawn creates a serious, thoughtful nature, shrewd, efficient, and business-minded. You are one to make your own decisions, and not be influenced by others. You desire independence and freedom from the authority and interference of others. You are not overly ambitious, preferring instead just to seek stable, settled conditions which are adequate to meet your responsibilities. You like to be your own boss and you capable handle responsibilities for others."

Don't just take my bias, though, but I'm pointing out things that I think are relevant to the possible non-credibility of the post.

Dawn, if you can give any well controlled studies that show the therapeutic effects over time & bioavailability/absorption of the nutrients vs a solid form (preferably a common capsule form) & noting what liquid &/or foods were consumed when taken it would be most helpful.

I think most people would consider price/bioavailability ratio very important in choosing what form (solid or aqueous) they should get. I'm guessing the solid form has much better bang for the buck (at least most of the time for now/prices fluctuate).

Ironically, I didn't find it anywhere on a site that purportedly claims it is far superior, & you pay for that price dearly without any evidence but playing on the hope of many. I'm sure you realize businesses like this are usually very bias (ie - another phrase for lying/deceiving their customers & reaping the rewards for others suffering). I'm not accusing you, just saying there is high probability in businesses that present themselves by saying things like "The MOST Potent Anti-Aging Product On The Market Today!" & not backing up these extremely unlikely claims, considering every business sees themselves having the best products.

Ah, all businesses are corrupt in some way, some much more so then others.. =,o(

But,, are much cheaper alternatives, with liquid supplement variations too that are usually cheaper then the prices @Eniva. You might also want to try Froogle or any of the other many price comparison sites.

Here's an interesting writeup on acupuncture relieving anxiety/ Depression issues, but note the author leaving room for uncertainty

Best for all,
Chris :O)


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