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Stroke?? by nekoboy ..... Chiropractic Forum

Date:   1/19/2014 4:35:45 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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My mother had a stroke a year ago, it happened during the night, that very evening we had gone to the chiropractor. She had a lot of undiagnosed health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc, that could have also caused it. So it's not like it's 100% that the chiro did it, but I've been a bit wary of chiros ever since.

My mother fell on ice and we decided to go to the chiro to have him take a look at her back. I live in Canada and the local hospitals have ER wait times of 10+ hours.. we don't go there on a whim. The chiro didn't touch her neck. At the same time I also had an adjustment, I was a little bit concerned but at the same time I've had dozens of adjustments with no issues but I decided to get the adjustment anyway, seeing as we now almost never go there anymore. I did get my neck manipulated a bit.

But ever since the adjustment I haven't been feeling well. I've had a bit of pain and a "stuffiness" feeling in my ear. Maybe a ruptured eardrum? I'm not sure. Like I said I won't go to the ER easily, the wait time is 10+ hours and ENTs are in short supply, if I make an appointment it could be weeks before I get to see one.. the eardrum would be healed by them. (I always find it funny in a non-funny way when Americans praise Canadian healthcare... The wait times are so long we are left to our own devices unless it is very very serious)

Then today I've got a splitting headache. Earlier today I was almost crying from it. I don't cry easily. I took some cayenne pepper with some hot water.. just in case. I feel a bit better but my hands are trembling as I type this. When I walk my right leg feels a bit numb... shit.. could this be a stroke... damaged artery?? I did the smile, speak lift arms test it's okay.. but am I a ticking time bomb?

SHIT.. I may have to go to the hospital... Don't worry it's not like I'm waiting to get a reply to decide... I'll decide soon

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