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Ropeworm enema tips by lubix ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/14/2014 12:55:41 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I thought I should post my experiences of ropeworm cleansing through enemas and anti parasitical protocals. I am not too familiar with posting here, excuse the long post....

A brief synopsis: Symptoms of Morgellons began approx 24 years ago, only a year ago discovering other sufferers through internet. Diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago,Fibromyalgia and Elhers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) 8 years ago. Numerous nerve conduction test due to strange sensations and pains all over body. Numerous upper respiratory and throat infections, stomach pains, muscle wastage, weakness, fatigue and terrible anxiety. The list could go on and on.
For a few years I suffered intermittently with the feeling that something was stuck in my throat, I assumed it was phlegm and tried eliminating foods from my diet, but could not pinpoint what was triggering this issue.
This returned about 6 months ago, and due to my research on Morgellons and Lyme disease, I began to suspect it could be a parasite/s. I followed Dr Klinghardts' protocol for systemic parasites, eventually adding to it Fenbendazole and Itraconazole, and to my horror began passing strange objects and string like mucosal worms. This has been goin on daily for over 4 months now. When I realised the extent of my worm burden, and that the drugs seemed to stop having the desired effect after a few weeks I began fasting, just eating bone broth with good fats (ghee, coconut oil). This definitely improved the availability of the meds, and to this day I estimate I have removed around 150-200 large 'worms', at different stages of development.

I have not been able to relieve the worm/s that I have stuck in my throat, often a sensation of something almost biting or sucking me, It is very intense at times and very distressing. I have noticed a slight ease one day a week, and assume that this has a weekly life cycle?

As for the enemas, I realised fairly quickly that I cannot treat this infection successfully with enemas, but they have helped move things through my bowels, preventing further growth. Most of the time it is impossible for me to hold an enema for more than a minute and at first I was feeling very defeated. I observed that something appeared to push the liquid out. This is usually a quite violent air expulsion, no doubt from the ropeworm as it dies and releases the air it utilizes to move around the body. So as long as the air expulsion is happening, I feel that the enema is working, regardless of the fact that it cannot be held for long.
So far I have only followed the eucalyptus and lemon enema on Gubarevs protocal. I found that it appeared to be the lemon which was more successful than the eucalyptus, maybe we dont have such an effective species of eucalyptus here in the UK?
Peeling the lemons has been a lot of work, I found soaking the lemon peels for a few days in a big jar of white vinegar, and simply using a large dash of this with distilled or bottled water was equally effective and more cost effective.
I also do a daily enema of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement /chlorine dioxide (25 drops activated), which is also impossible to hold, but achieves similar results at expelling the different stages of ropeworms. This I do last after the lemon enema.
First I always wash out bowels with 1-2 litres lukewarm distilled or bottled water, usually twice.

I do not have any success with passing Ropes unless I take in conjunction with the anti parasite meds, but that is only me and my personal experience. I have tried a few different herbal protocals but did not pass anything unusual.

I do not get much success with the medications unless taken together, reaching a synergistic effect.

The most successful medication I have taken which pushes a lot of the earlier stage rope worm (gel-like/foamy substances)is the anti fungal Itraconazole, which has a very profound reaction. This draws the infection from my head downwards, as I can always feel it flowing slowly down from my sinus and through my throat, shortly after consuming. Usually within hours it passes through my bowels. This was obtained on ebay, supplied as a fish medication.

What has been imperative in the flushing out of this blight on my body has been regular colonic hydrotherapy. At first this was producing copious amounts of the infestation, and without it I don't think I would have been able to move forward, as the ropeworm stages proliferate so quickly. Klinghardt recommends in his latest update 2 a week for ropeworms, I cannot afford this, I have 1 every fortnight but it helps a great deal, in fact i consider it imperative if you feel you have a heavy burden.

I do get regular liver and kidney function tests done through my local GP, this is the only help I have received from NHS. I was eventually granted an appt with what I was told was the best parasitologist in the UK, at the Royal Nat Uni Hosp Liverpool,seem by 3 specialists only to be told that Morgellons was delusional (cited the CDC stance to me) and told the pics (attached) where of some kind of mucus, that I could not have a parasite infection living within the UK.

I have a very long way to go, I am confused, alone and desperate, but I do know that I have also come a long way, and I dont feel that I will have to go through anything as bad as what I have been through during the first few months. Please feel free to contact me for advice, links to buying medications online can be found by googling Michael Harrah - Dr. Klinghardt parasite Protocol. Please scroll down page and look there first, if you are in the UK then I can pass my UK links.

I hope the suffering will pass for you, accepting the current situation until u have enabled it to pass has been key for me.



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