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Re: anyone permanently cure their intestinal yeast and did you have frequent urination with it? by IsaacB ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/4/2014 11:58:58 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I've gotten rid of the Candida. It's a systemic issue. The Candida can be triggered by metals in your food, mold in your food (nuts,grains,cheese etc), yeast in your food (alcohol,bread etc), processed Sugar in your food (granulated sugars, honey etc), etc. Those seem to be the main ones (yeast goes for alcoholic beverages of course) (and even lacto-fermented foods can trigger it). And even the tiniest bit can flare up candida when you are clean, so please know that it's time to change the whole way you eat. Candida is your wake-up call (be glad that you got the call!). Bread is not good for anyone (neither is yeasty wine with sulfites ) so stop eating food to make your friends happy and set an example for them instead. Stand up to the challenge of being a trendsetter or continuously be plagued with yeast... it's similar to how AGE's (advanced glycated end-products -- aka anything cooked at high heat) permanently (IRREVERSABLY) damage your skin (affecting your appearance, hair, AGE-ing you, taking you from youthful looking to old-looking), intestinal damage seems to be kind of irreversable. You can damage it so far, and then you need to be careful, because you've USED UP all your abuse chances. (wish the body had a better early warning mechanism I know) So you should probably want to STOP damaging yourself now. Best to just stay clean, keep natural fats together with natural sugars (fruit sugars -- never yeast, mold or granulated sugars). Favor GAS over CANDIDA (a little healthy gas is fine). Candida is the natural last-ditch effort by YOUR OWN body to neutralize the harsh and abrasive sugars/molds/yeast/bad bacteria in the bloodstream, intestines, bladder etc. Normal eating is actually very abnormal, be sure to remember that. Normal eating leads to candida and a very disorganized internal environment. Eat clean, natural foods in their natural state, packaged already in their own skin instead of supermarket packaging (think avocado). You have Candida because you don't eat in an "off the tree" kind of state, that's all. Develop a relationship with some farmers and if you live somplace warm all year, source farm-direct fruit and foods. Your body has it's own natural bacterial balance it wants to be at, eat in a way that gets you back to your body's natural biotic balance. This is most easily achieved by eating one food for a while (like bananas, or organic dates, or durian) and pure natural distilled fruit juice (grapefruit/orange/kiwi/lemon juiced yourself for example -- natural vitamin c in citrus crushes candida, and greatly improves kidney function/repair). Humans are fruit eaters and SEED-DEPOSITORS for the most part. We are designed to eat fruits and transport their seeds. Except avocado and mango seeds sometimes make us say, "WHAT KIND OF GIANTS WERE MEANT TO EAT THESE TWO FOODS?!?"

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