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Rock Bottom to Top Of The World by h2olover ..... Schizophrenia & Schizoaffecive Disorder

Date:   12/12/2013 3:09:30 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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This is a short story of what I went through battling some kind of heavy mental disorder and how I cured myself completely. I hope this will empower somebody in that rock bottom state in life and reveal to you that you can feel better than you have ever felt, no matter how miserable you are feeling now. I知 not making any of this up; I genuinely care for you and want to see you healthy and strong. Not 1 person was able to help me in my greatest time of need, so I知 going to try to reach as many people as I can with this message, to give you the tools to empower you with. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

In 2008 I started college with good health, and a sound mind. 3 years of daily marijuana, cigarette, alcohol, some drugs, and processed foods use destroyed my body. I reached a point where my tolerance to toxins was surpassed, and it was like a flick of a switch, I was suddenly really, really sick. It happened mentally first, I felt something was missing, and later on I began to get really, really sick.

I知 not entirely sure I had schizophrenia, but the worst mental symptoms were:

-unable to think, uncontrollable thoughts that flooded my head and these thoughts didn't stop
- Depression that my life was over, I壇 never get a job like this, or a family, and that this is my life now

I remember trying to read a book, and when I read a page, I would instantly forget everything I just read, and I had to reread it over and over. I just couldn稚 think. All I heard were these thoughts and voices, nonstop. It was dark stuff and I was convinced life is over.

I saw 6 doctors here at the Lahey Clinic in Boston. I did bloodwork, MRIs, CT scans, xrays, you name it. I went from department to department and saw the best. This is what I heard from leading experts and professional doctors who have been in the field for longer than I was alive for:

-添our tests are all fine. It痴 all in your head, you need to man up.

-展e can稚 find anything wrong; we can prescribe you anti-depressants if you池e interested.

-添ou should see a psychiatrist.

That experience of going in and out of doctor痴 offices and being passed around all the departments, being exposed to every type of test they could run on me, and then being told I need to take Prozac, that woke me up. That was my beginning of awakening and starting to think for myself: 努hat is going on.. ?

So what did I do? I started researching health as a hobby of mine. I知 not going to tell you the products, therapies, and cleanses I did that didn稚 help me. I知 going to tell you what helped me the most. In the past year alone, I致e done:

-4 Humaworm parasite Cleanses

-12 Liver Flushes (Andreas Moritz protocol w/ apple juice)

-1 Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse (the 5 days no food option)

-1 kidney cleanse (Andreas Moritz herbs)

I stopped recreational drugs and alcohol use. Diet is majority whole foods (fruits & veggies) and a lot less processed junk that I used to eat. Daily supplements include Iodine (12.5mg) and vitamin D (5000 IU).

Is this perfect? Probably not. Will you feel better if you decide to start doing those cleanses, eating more fruits and veggies, and supplementing, oh, you sure will. Not only are all those mental symptoms gone, I wake up feeling pretty darn good every morning. I have no fear, anxiety, depression, or restless thoughts that control my head. I feel free and my heart full of love for my brothers and sisters.

Curezone is awesome, and through Curezone I found out about Humaworm and Andreas Moritz . I can稚 recommend this stuff enough. I have so much compassion for people with a mental disorder who are being put into the woodchipper that is big pharma and the health industry. Come to me, cleanse your parasites, liver, colon, eat a little better, take some Iodine and vitamin D, you will be on top of the world soon!

I'm no doctor, natural health is just a hobby I'm exploring. This stuff works. If you're suffering, research these cleanses I listed. According to doctor's, I should be an emotionless, numb zombie on prescription medication right now. I think I'm healthier than those doctors right now. If you want to talk, private message me here on Curezone and I'll empower you and love you.



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