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After 10 years he's doing well off medications! by kim elizabeth ..... Schizophrenia & Schizoaffecive Disorder

Date:   12/12/2013 1:49:13 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I am having good success with supplements for my son after 10 years of his having schizophrenia. Here is part of what I have written about it on my blog:

It is interesting that the orthomolecular doctors discovered that niacin helped people with schizophrenia way back several years before SAMe was discovered in the 1950's! They developed a protocol that helped many people, but since they didn't really understand how it was working, they didn't realize the importance of magnesium and left it out of their protocol. This comes into the story of Jon (not his real name), our son who has schizophrenia.

When Jon was 13 years old he had a ruptured appendix followed by an abdominal abscess and he had strong antibiotics for many weeks. We now believe that this was when his gut bacteria got disrupted and histamine producing bacteria took over ..., but he didn't have any symptoms of schizophrenia until 3 years later when he got mononucleosis. I believe that the mono did something – perhaps it turned a gene on or off – and his regulatory mechanism for slowing the production of dopamine ...was impaired. Within days he started saying strange things to us and we were very puzzled but to make a long story short, he got worse and worse and we were in denial until about 6 months later when he had a complete psychotic break and we realized the truth – he had schizophrenia.

I scoured the internet and ended up taking him to an orthomolecular doctor who started him on a lot of supplements, with no results...

We stopped seeing that doctor and Jon had to go on medication, but he kept taking the supplements anyway and two years later we moved to a new house and after a few months Jon mysteriously got well! I discovered that he had stopped taking his medication and he stayed well for a few months but then he got sick again. It was heartbreaking, and I couldn't figure out why he had gotten well for that space of a few months until 6 years later when... I learned what was causing the problem.

You see, the new house had a water neutralizer using magnesium oxide and he started getting the missing supplement in the water. I think this may be why the orthomolecular treatment works for some people and not for others – because some people get magnesium in their water supply...

Unfortunately, we didn't realize that the vitamins were doing anything and he stopped taking them and got sick again for 6 more years. Now he has begun to take the supplements again, along with magnesium, and he is off medication and hearing less voices than before when he was taking medication without the vitamins. I am expecting that the voices will gradually go away, since it has only been a couple of weeks, but he keeps slowing his progress by drinking energy drinks and pop with caffeine, which affects dopamine. I will update this post as time passes.

At the current time he says that he no longer hears voices and he seems completely normal after almost 2 weeks off of medication. Previously he would often try to go off his medication, but he felt so bad and the voices got so bad that he had to go back on after about 2-3 days.

If you want to know more about this and what I believe is the cause of schizophrenia in most people and how to treat it without drugs you can read my blog:

You will have to read the earlier posts for the schizophrenia post to make sense because I refer to things written in earlier posts.


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