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Re: Question on the treatment and process of the Bob Beck Protocol by sunmoonstars ..... Zapper Support Forum

Date:   12/9/2013 12:12:15 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Forgive me if my memory is a bit fuzzy on details but I did the protocol for 4 months, 5 years ago. I had really bad outbreaks prior and they were never near as frequent after/since. I do other things. The one consistent thing is I take Lauricidin every day. One capful at night.

While on the Beck protical after having outbreak on outbreak, I did not have any outbreaks the whole 4 months doing it. I expected I would but I didn't. The one thing I did different them you is I took 8 oz of silver every day. One thing about silver, you probably know but just in case, is make sure it's not only distilled water you are using but it has to be steam distilled.

I drank 2 cups of oxygenated water in the morning and I drank two at night.

You say your a vegetarian and close to a vegan and so I wonder do you eat a lot of nuts? I find nuts are a MAJOR trigger for me. I would prefer to be a veggie but I eat meat because I can't have nuts. I don't think a veggie diet without nuts would be healthy enough. (my personal conclusion for myself).

Are you familiar with the lysine/arginine diet aspect of herpes? That might help if you look into that and tweak your diet a bit. The one thing with herpes is it's such an individual reactions in people thing. One thing will work amazing for some people. Many people swear lysine pills are the key and they didn't do anything at all for me. But the diet does seem to make a difference. I can though still have chocolate and coffee and be fine while it's a trigger for some. Some people can have nuts, I can't. Not without getting an outbreak.

I hope that helps! The one key thing I read is over time the virus wears itself out. That seems to be true. When I first had it 14 years ago, it was constant outbreaks. Now they are very few and far between and milder if I get them. I feel the bob beck was a big part in me getting this disease under control but I do think the Lauricidin has been HUGE. For me it seems to work as good and maybe even better then antivirals. I have coverage for antivirals, but I don't feel the need to renew my prescription at this point because my body is so under control.

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