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Re: Is this SD? Please help, no doctor can help me :( by FootDoctor ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   11/23/2013 2:42:19 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Angular Cheilitis:
Low levels of vitamin B2 Riboflavin.
Take 2 tablets of B2 every day for
90 days, and 1 tab of mega B for 30
days. Eat a better diet, don't be a
vegetarian: UpJohn's vitamin manual,
Merck Manual, Heilpraktiker

I seriously doubt the competancy of US doctors!!
This is the first thing listed in every vitamin manual.
My textbook, essentials of human nutrition, by Mann and Truswell.2nd edition Oxford Uni press 2003.
Page 212, section 12.2 "the B vitamins".
12.2 Ribflavin
12.2.5 Deficiency: Humans.
The clinical symptoms of deficiency: angular stomatitis, cheilosis, atrophy of the tongue papillae, nasolabial dyssebacea and anaemia, are suprising minor, presumably due to the body's ability to conserve ribflavine, and the high affinity of the coenzymes for their respective enzymes. Riboflavin deficiency (ariboflavinosis) is most commonly seen alongside other nutrient deficiencies(e.g. pellagra).
Thank you for the nice fotos. Can even see nasolabial dyssebacea, and I'd say those pale lips and skin are anemic.
(if you were black, I couldn't tell!)
Seriously, get a better doctor.
2 tabs of B2, riboflavin, daily for 3 days, then 1 tab daily and a mega B for 2 weeks. Eat better, don't be a vegetarian. This is a disease of vegetarians/vegans.
Almonds have a reasonable amount. Sodas/colas are acid and wash B vits out of the system rapidly.

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