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Re: 95% cured of Folliculitis by Elyse500 ..... Folliculitis Forum

Date:   11/21/2013 7:53:24 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Okay.. so I've suffered from this for over ten years... did every diet and everything imagineable (no Sugar not even fruit for a year and a half)...

what you need to try... Nizoral shampoo from the drugstore. Right off the shelf. Wash your head with it, and let the suds fall on your face and rub your face too.

I decided to try this on a whim.

Rotate it with Head and Shoulders. They have different fungus killing ingredients so the bacteria cannot get wise and adapt. keep that bacteria on its toes.

I also do a raw honey mask each morning. And often will wash my skin on the days I don't shower with spectro jel.

Before bed I stick on Nature's Aid skin gel.

This regime, has helped. albeit not perfect.

Maybe raw goats milk is my secret ingredient. but I can attest that it will remove the little bumps temporarily. The itch comes back at the end of the second day and I see the little bumps wanting to come back, so I take another shower and banish them again.

I am hoping that I may just be able to kill whatever this is because I've done multiple candida cleanses inside, hormone balancing, etcetera. I even went vegan for a year.

All I can say is you need to do ALL of this:

* do this regime
* make organic green smoothies every morning with protein powder in them - stable blood sugar
- make sure you have that probiotic every morning - one that needs to be refrigerated
- get your fish oil
- get a blood analysis test done if you want them to test to see if you are severely low in a mineral or have candida still in your blood
- take a b vitamin for stress (you may be low in b12?) I have been experimenting with that
- meditate
- go in the sauna for circulation booster twice a week

...I've been lazzy on the last three but they can make a difference. It's all one big package.

I hope this helps someone. The raw honey masks really work wonders. They are kind of like the moisturizer I give my face each morning. I wash it with water or sometimes spectro gel, then stick on the mask for half an hours. Wash it off, and then apply my make up if need be.

Good luck. You are not alone. All I can say is drown the buggers in these shampoos while strengthening your insides with all your might. Go to the gym, sweat out toxins at the sauna, take the probiotics. They want to stay on your face, they're happy. But youre not. Take back your power and don't let them win.

I can't believe I put up with them by trying little things here and there for years.Not worth it.

Banish them completely.

Good luck <3

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