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Re: PLEASE advise! Ascaris scattered. Then I started albendazole protocol. by dpk ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   11/8/2013 2:43:16 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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dpk, you say most of your Ascaris is outside the digestive system and that the Madasgascar cloves are helping.
What dose of the cloves are you taking?
How often?
How are you taking them?
Which parts of the body have lesser symptoms since taking the Madagascar cloves?

The doses of the cloves that I was taking seem to be around ~3000mg or 4 "00" capsules. I was taking this 2 times per day. I have since gone up in the dose but I think this is a good start. Maybe even starting with 3 capsules or ~2200 mg maybe be better for starters 3 times per day. The oil from grinding the pure cloves

The reaction that I felt was less movement in my right foot and in my back. It might have caused some to move possibly. The Ascaris vibrate so that can be a clue to help diagnose it. Plus they can be very long.

I don't know if this is the best approach now, but I bought some larger quantities of the cloves and simply chew them and wash it down with water. That may irritate my digestive tract somewhat. The herbs is strong. So, that may not be the best approach. Plus, it may be more beneficial to have it get past the stomach acid into the intestines. Maybe they should be tried as an enema. I'm not sure really. But, taking the capsules did decrease the movement.

I prefer the cloves over the bloodroot because of the dangers of the herb. However, it has helped too. Also, using lots of protyletic enzymes like bromelain and papain help. It's just using too much can thin your blood, but I do think it helps weaken the parasite.

So, I don't know. I think it has been very helpful and should be used. To what degree and frequency I really don't know. I know the oil from the cloves can be dangerous if given in too high of a dose. But, I don't know how that equates with how much is extracted from a specific number of cloves. More than likely if you do use a type of machine to grind the cloves it will be ruined because the oil is extremely hard to get off of it.

Which parts of the body have lesser symptoms since taking the cloves. The Ascaris in my feet and shoulder blades have less movement. There are some that haven't slowed down that much. But, it is something else to try that I believe from results helps.

Mebendazole caused the itching to turn to aggressive biting. I nearly lost my mind, being bitten to bits.

Hi Empowerment..


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