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Re: I Seriously Need Help. by threader ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/17/2013 1:23:07 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I know, the conspiracies around Morgellons become absurd. Even more absurd is the CDC and the Mayo Clinic concluding that Morgellons syndrome is delusional, when there are so many easily observed signs of the condition.

The Epsom Salt bathing is a total no-brainer IMO. There are no side effects that I have heard of and the relief is immediate, lasting a couple hours after the bath. Unfortunately, I suspect the healing is only skin deep. I haven't tried drinking the salts but it wouldn't surprise me if it was effective.

I followed Scab's protocol for 4 months of high dosage horse meds until my organs screamed at me to stop. This involved taking a tube of Safegaurd one week, followed the next week with 2 tubes- 1 of Equimax and the other Paramaote heartworm paste. No days off. Throughout the protocol I took bi-weekly liver and kidney function tests, and the results never flagged any problems, even during my nastiest organ pain. Despite the encouraging blood draws and Scab assuring me that the organ pain was die-off, I decided to listen to my body and back off.

During the protocol 99% of my symptoms moved to my scalp, and it is the one area I could never get to stop crawling. 24 hours after I stopped taking the antihelminthics symptoms returned for a spell to my whole body. Even the hyper-bizzarro symptom where I drink or smoke something and a corresponding substance leaves my arms or hands with 3 seconds returned for that one day. I include these details in hope one day a parasite specialist can explain the reason for the scalp migration. Overall, I was so much better, but not cured.

Now I take Safegaurd 0-12 days a month, 1.5-2 notch dose. Usually this is around the full moon or just when my body tells me I need it. It usually gives me a touch of liver pain. It's unnerving, but I do think it is likely just die-off, and the alternative of letting these undiagnosed parasites have their way inside of me must damage the liver too.

I take 1-2 Epsom Salt (often with Borax too) baths daily, always finishing with a 2-minute cold shower rinse. I can feel the junk leave the scalp and attach to my back during these baths, so I think the rinse is important.

Can you overdose on Ivermectin? IDK...I've read some internet accounts of people taking a whole tube at once and they were fine. I suspect the biggest hazard is producing too great of die off too rapidly. If you aren't shitting it out regularly hypertoxicity seems quite possible. Constipation is standard when you begin these drugs and it is not something to take lightly. Scab is quite bold and confident with these drugs, but he expresses much concern regarding constipation.

What have I learned from my experimentation with vet meds?

Listen to your body. Some Morgies get no relief from antihelminthics. For me, I knew within a few hours of my first dose that I had found medicine. I left the house and the world looked crisp, with sharp contrast again, because my eyes weren't clouded with Morg life. I cried with joy that day. All I could think of was the movie Limitless- that is how I felt as the brain fog cleared.

So if you try this and don't find quick improvement look elsewhere. GL and keep us posted on your recovery.

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