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Nasal polyps a natural alternative cure and the possible cause. by Fondues ..... Sinusitis, Sinus Infections Forum

Date:   10/13/2013 4:13:31 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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When I was diagnosed with nasal polyps I began to wonder why the first three ENT's doctor thought it was a sinus infection? Interesting it was the fourth doctor who is a an expert in sinuses and plastic surgery called me and told me it was clearly nasal polyps. Misdiagnoses must be pretty common.

Research at Mayo indicated that 96% of sinus issues were fungal in nature meaning you breathed in fungus or mold at some time and it resulted in fungal sinus infection So either it environmental or diet related. Now what if nasal polyps are protecting you from the infection and wall off the fungus this is just a thought I had. Since medicine just deals with the effect and not the cause it does make you wonder.

Just imagine walking through a pile of leaves with spores, since spores are microscopic they are completely invisible to the naked eye, unless you have bionic eyes! Who knows what is blowing in the wind, and you just happen to breath in some spores, or it could your diet or it could be even a hidden mold or mildew in your house, workplace or car?

After researching I now think nasal polyps is a systemic fungal overgrowth. Most MD's do not test you for although an ND will test you for it . My Chinese medicine doctor, who was an actual medical doctor in China, suggests if the polyps in your nose then the fungus is in your entire body, it is systemic fungal infection. You cannot have it your your nose without having it your entire body. I thinkk he makes a very good point.

This is natural alternative cure for polyps that I came up with after researching . I'm convinced more than ever that nasal polyps is fungal and it is related to Candida. It might be wise to get tested or just go the anti-candida diet, which typically is a diet of no sugar, grains, dairy, fruits, peanuts too much to list here.

First thing, it is wise to take enzymes to kill the biofilms that are protecting the fungus. I now believe. that polyps have a biofilm and in order to get rid of polyps , biofilm needs to be dissolved first then you have clear path of attack it. I think the reason people have nasal polyps that keep coming back and they keep having surgery is because this reoccurring cycle is because the surgery does not pull the seeds and the roots of the fungus that are deep in the tissue and they began to grow again so it needs to attacked repeatedly and then make your bodies terrain unfriendly, so it cannot grow in your body.

Again, the biofilm is protecting the polyps so it can maintain a stronghold on the host, the host happens to be you! Find a good biofilm dis-solver I used Interfase plus and Zymessence both will dissolve biofilm . Then get a neti pot and put some sterilized water in it A few drops of tea tree oil, one drop of grapefruit seed extract and a few drops of Iodine with a little bit of DMSO to help deeply penetrate into the tissues. If there is any itchiness use a drop of lavender oil to eliminate the itchiness of DMSO . The other method of course is the Johnson & Johnson's regular baby shampoo scented type original a drop in your neti pot with some water will kill the fungus in your sinuses. Anyhow Rinse out sinuses 3-4 times a with this solution using your Neti pot. Especially before going to bed, this helps really soak into the sinuses while your sleeping. I also take zine tablets and nicinamide which kills candida. I'm also on mega-vitamin C doses , better yet Vitamin C IV's have greater efficacy. You want full tissue saturation, Take saunas, steams and warm baths with Sea Salt to really help your detox.
Keeping a nasal spray with me with saline, tea tree oil and Grapefruit-Seed-Extract also helps a lot. Take a super high quality probiotics the type with no Sugar or yeast.

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