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Kidney Cancer: Beta-Carotene/superfoods after nephrectomy and splenectomy? by fastersound ..... Kidney Failure/Dialysis Forum

Date:   10/2/2013 6:51:44 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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 New here, hello!

So my mother was recently diagnosed (very late on) with kidney cancer. Basically one of her kidneys had turned into one big cancerous tumor so they removed the kidney (and her spleen, so her immune system is now forever compromised too).
I have since been reading about the amazing properties of certain superfoods (Chlorella/AFA Blue-Green Algae/Barley Grass) in regards to tumor prevention/reduction and boosting the immune system.
My concerns however are in regards to dealing with the very high vitamin content with just the one kidney. Would all that Vitamin A/Beta-Carotene be too much for one kidney to deal with?
We also found out today that her cancer hadn't spread (thankfully!) but that it was Fuhrman Grade 4 (grade 4 being the most wild, aggressive and unpredictable kind). My mother is also a former heavy smoker.
With both these things in mind, I recently read about high levels of Beta-Carotene actually increasing chances of lung cancer in current, and former, heavy smokers. So combining this with with the fact that her cancer is "wild, aggressive and unpredictable" and you can see why I am apprehensive.
Vitamin A from Carotene per suggested daily dosage:
1665 IU (33% RDA)
AFA Blue-Green Algae (2000mg):
1415 IU (29% RDA)
BARLEY GRASS (5000mg):
1670 IU (33% RDA)
I'm torn, it seems such a double-edged sword. These amazing superfoods look like they could help massively (especially as my mother is also anemic), but could hinder just as much due to her circumstances (one kidney, ex-smoker).
I am going to see what her specialist thinks, but also wanted any other advice too please if it's not too much trouble?
A million thanks,


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