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Re: Please Help! Extremely Toxic and Need Cleansing Ideas. by UserX ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   9/11/2013 11:05:10 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Sounds familiar. Very familiar. I used a formula Richard Schulze uses for bowel cleansing. Huh! Guess what? It took me 5.5 years of colon cleansing before I got all the crud off the colon wall. Your kidneys are being compromised because your liver is compromised. I'd get on a parasite killer pronto, then 2 weeks into that, alongside the #1 formula of Schulze's to soften that colon crud up, I'd start doing liver flushes. The one that worked best for me was a modification of Sam Biser's Liver Flush known as the Coke liver flush. You can search that on CZ. Then I added the Schulze #2 formula for 30 days at a time until I saw the last of it. The transverse and ascending colon is hard to clean out. Be patient. You can do it. You'll know when your liver and colon is clean. Tthen your lymphatic system will dump like clockwork. The liver filters the blood and the lymph. When you get to that point, you'll feel the lymph collect towards the center of your body. Then you'll see the white stones come out of your liver. Allergies will go. Skin will clear up. All problems will go away. How long are you willing to work at it and be patient until you get your health back? Candida will automatically go when the rest of your body is cleaned out. It takes a while. you can use pau d arco, too, garlic and other stuff that will help. Add the probiotics and get your colon balanced once again. Keep away from the drugs and other poisons. Do some veggie and fruit juicing and it's recommended you add the good oils and also what magnesium citrate you can tolerate. AlgaeCal is a good source of calcium. Castor oil packs are a life-saver.

BTW, you're going to need some form of natural Iodine as well as B vitamins. Cataplex B from Standards Process is good. Get them from your chiropractor and also have some chiropractic treatments that will help your nerve supply to and from your organs. Cant get healthy without proper nerve expression.

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