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Re: Voice Change Question by chirontherainbowbridge ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   9/6/2013 9:53:24 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Absolutely! Hoarse voice, strained, pitiful voice :-) , breathless voice. . . . Lovely voice. . . Best not to speak, as much as possible. Fasting is all about the quality of the rest, and that includes fasting from just about everything--(ordinary thinking, too! Meditation and non-speaking prayer is another thing, entirely. As is listening to sacred music of all sorts. Whatever saves strengths and energy.) The more you can do that, and rest in a place of simplicity and observing, rather than being swept into every change, the better your chances are of letting the body do the best cleansing/restoring work it can. It's true people do all kinds of water fasts; one sort is the 'conquest' type, in which the faster sets themself the challenge of changing not much of anything, but the nutriment aspect, and barreling on. But this is foolhardy, in my view--because it steals energy that could otherwise go to rebuilding. In your situation, with so much going on that is 'of the liver', have you tried any liver flushing? How is your diet? (Not asking outright, just asking that you look at that.) The mind has so much sway in a water fast. If you eat really well, clean and nutrient-dense for a few months, and maybe try at least one liver flush, where you prepare with apple juice or malic acid for a week before, (the Andreas Moritz way), then try a Water Fast of say, ten days, and fast from worry too.... how does that sound?

It's all about what YOU perceive as do-able. Regardless of what others might feel, forthemselves. The best way to increase that, imv, is by reading from the Soil and Health Library, on Water Fasting, and Natural Hygiene, and by eating nutrient-dense. Perhaps no gluten either--and faolling more of a mucuosless approach. It being harvest time in North America, at any rate, it's a great time to eat raw, living food.
And for me, Liver Flushing made a world of difference.

Best wishes, Chiron
(29, 21 days, and several shorter waterfasts from 3 to 11 days or so. The most recent was ten days, this summer.)


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