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final update before i start treatment by jsl123 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   9/1/2013 10:42:18 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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i have my derm app on the 8th.. and im pretty confident he will start me on imuran.. just thought i would let everybody know cause i havent posted in a while.... i try not to get on the forum as much especially now while im on holidays visiting family and it kind of gets me frustrated and down.. but anyways i will do a fortnightly update with pictures.. ill take a picture every 3rd day during the treatment.. although im not going to stop treatment like the asian lady did after 3 months.. im going to take 75mg per day for 6 months then go down to 50mg for the next 6 months then take 50 mg every second day for the next 6 months then try see if i can stop the med for a few months.. my predication is if it is a form of exzma or auto-immune disease the likely hood of it completely vanishing for ever is highly unlikely but its not impossible. im confident this will supress the symptoms 95% better like the asian lady. if i have to re-start the med and just stay on it with a low dose to live a life with 90% normal lips it wont bother me.. of course blood test every fortnight to keep an eye of my health.. i reasearched the f*** out of the drug and its just a matter of luck if you see results especially with skin inflammatory diseases like exzma.. i read alot of people see different results and normally try the 3 imuran, cyclosporin and methotrexate. some people see no results with one and then try the other and see fantastic reults its just all depends on how your body re-acts.. i hope my body doesnt have any side effects but im 99% sure it should be fine iv never had any problems with any drugs.. ill check the forum again in a few hours if anybody got any questions or comments if not ill talk to you guys around the 25th or something! we have some form of inflammatory skin disease or auto-immune so im highly confident some people will see sucess with those 3 drugs! keep going guys one day there will be an answer and hopefully a cure!

p.s im going to just going to apply a small amount of vaseline during treatment will always keep lips moist.. especially if exzma i will probably keep them moist for rest of life.. if anybody has suggestions on what type of moisturizer i should use or try would be good im not really confident of useing harsh lip balms with chemicals and bees wax and all that stuff just in case it is in fact irritating the lips. any suggestions would be great.. i just find vaseline is easy to put on and i know it doesnt irritate it at all.


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