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Re: Distilled Water by grizz ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   8/23/2013 2:44:34 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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chrisb1 has excellent links in support of distilled water. I also support distilled water. Been drinking it for over a year, and I am thriving.

I also re-wrote one of Chrisb1's articles & posted it here:
"24 Doctors Report Distilled Water is very Healthy"

So right off the bat, who do we believe? Some crazy internet spoof or 24 doctors? I'll take the 24 doctors, thank you.

But there is more. If you are worried about distilled water there are 2 things to do.
Before anything get some pH strips to measure your urine pH levels: All about pH here:

If your pH is too low, just drink a Green Smoothy and your pH will jump to normal. This is because our minerals come from veggies & our food, NOT the water. Even more, pure distilled water helps our body dispose of minerals it doesn't want from our food. Makes it easier for the kidney's to dispose of things in our blood to keep the blood in perfect pH balance. Minerals are automatically added to our blood (from food) or deleted from our blood (into urine) to keep our blood pH perfect.

It is simple to raise the pH of distilled water if you need to raise your urine pH. Just add 1/2 tsp potassium bicarbonate and 1/2 tsp of sodium bicarbonate to a bottle of water, or squeeze a lemon into your water. These are the minerals that the body wants to balance blood pH. Wahlah your urine pH jumps right up there to 7.2. However be careful because too much will send your urine too alkaline as in 8.0or more.

I'm just now learning to manage my urine pH on a daily basis. Bacon & Eggs leave you too acidic? Balance them out with a green smoothy to keep urine at 7.2. pH gets too high (8.0)? Then balance it out with a few cups of coffee to lower pH to 7.2.

So then bottom line, for my money the BEST is distilled water, either plain or with lemon juice or with Potassium Bicarbonate+ Sodium Bicarbonate added to raise the pH.


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