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Re: Itchy skin with no rash, Crawling and Biting Sensations by SKMWay ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   6/25/2013 3:59:55 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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One of the writer's hit the nail on the head: inflammation and over-active nerves.
It's more than likely NOT parasites or bugs but this inflammation. An auto-immune disease, diabetes, sometimes thyroid or fibromyalgia--which I was just diagnosed with. I used to think it was exzcema (I'm sorry I cannot spell it!) and itchy skin/allergies but this is more. I take anti-histimines EVERY day. I use anti-itch lotions. This is something different.
This has plagued me for years. I also have other things like sciatica, restless legs, etc. ALL symptoms of fibromyalgia. I never would have thought my diagnosis would be fibro.

THIS symptom exactly what you are describing came up a lot--and I was so relieved because I certainly thought I was going crazy.
Now you can have inflammation without having fibro, of course. But go read up on the symptoms and visit some support pages and see if you have any other symptoms. The first writer mentioned tiredness and depression--YES! Symptoms of fibro, even at a young age.
Could be itchy skin like allergies...I live in the Midwest USA and we have VERY hard water and our softener is broken. But anyone here who is having this symptom you are not crazy. Go to your doc and have it checked out. parasites and bugs are a slim possibility. Scabies will have a rash.
MANY foods can cause inflammation in our bodies too: go check for Celiac disease (wheat gluten allergy) or any other food allergy .
Turmeric and magnesium are good for helping with inflammation.
I hope this helps some of you who are looking for answers. This is what I've discovered. In fact I came here looking for something else and found THIS and had to sign up and respond since I have the same thing and this is what I found to be the likely culprit. Good luck, all

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