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Re: kidney at 20% (after renal failure) by #132242 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   6/19/2013 8:09:56 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Iodine is the last thing I would do in your situation - but table it and try some when your kidney is healed. Iodine will cause your body to dump more toxins into the kidney, and while they are compromised this is the last thing you want to do... more likely you want to sequester whatever toxins are stored in your body right now, sort of freeze the situation, and try to target cleansing and rebuilding just the kidney.

Have you taken care of the obstruction? and how did you do it?

None of the supplements you listed look good to me, except for 'maybe' cayenne in certain situations.

Some gentle massage or lymphatic type manual therapy around the kidney may help, and also some yoga or chi qong postures to gently stimulate action.

Water by itself may be counterproductive so things like soup or juices may be better in your current condition.

To rebuild you may need a certain amount of protein, so whatever you feel is best, usually this is lighter proteins like dairy or white meat animal foods but it's individual, some people might do well with red meat. Pork in chinese medicine is known to help restore kidney chi.

I would lean toward very gentle and moderately building foods like watermelon, Watermelon seed tea, birch tea, shrimp, black bean soup, high quality salt, lemonade - depending on your constitution and the nature of the original blockage. The kidneys like a certain amount of high quality fats so something like ghee would be good or high quality cold pressed oils like flax or hemp. You can also look at the standard kidney cleanse herbs like marshmallow but take it very easy with them and do a very low dose to start out with.

I think if you do things very close to perfect - for you - then you can regenerate almost any organ, but it's not so easy finding out what is the perfect thing for you.

Post more on the nature of the original problem and how it started and people might be able to provide more appropriate information for you.

Nephrons are one of the most delicate organ structures in the body and damage very easily, thus you have to be extra gentle with serious kidney disorders.

There are a number of different approaches I could recommend but not without more information. People do live with one kidney but see if you can restore this one first before having it removed


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