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Re: Candida and Hairloss by CuriousCrave ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/5/2013 10:39:19 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hi, jarrowsil does not fix the underlying cause but is very effective at stimulating hair growth. I've taken it many times as needed usually 3 month periods and my hair grows like a weed. I have little flyaways all over the place and if I put my fingertips to my scalp I can feel all the prickly hair coming in. I've had candida my entire life as I was raised in a moldy house as a kid, the pool was my babysitter I was dipping in that fungus feeder everyday, I have been misdiagnosed and overly prescribed Antibiotics dozens of times, I was on birth control a fungus stimulator for over a decade for misdiagnosed candida PMS symptoms, when I got older I unknowingly lived in an apartment that had horrible mold which is what really set off my candida as I developed anaphylactic shock allergies to several foods and my health rapidly declining, that experience lead me to my doctor now. He is a real md and a candida specialist he has devoted his life to it. He recommends using Kroeger herbs, they are root antifungals herbs that your body does not grow resistant to. They have changed my life. Unfortunately since I have candida so bad I will always have to maintain it through herbs and lifestyle choices. I eat no meat, no dairy, no processed foods, no alcohol, no coffee, no sugar, nothing except organic, no corn or corn by products , lots of rice based products, Lots of vegetables, which I love. Cleansing candida out of your body and liver really changes your cravings and I've learned to read my body so well I know when candida is talking and I deny it any affection through food. I know candida patients usually have thyroid, adrenal, and many other ailments its good to have everything looked at. Bloodwork is really misleading so we muscle test to determine what state my candida is at and what medication, dosage I need. I can't tell you what to take cause it could vary per person. If you can't find a good specialist I recommend investigating muscle testing and finding someone who can do that for you, take all your herbs and pills in there and see what's working and what's not for you. Work with this person continually until you start seeing good results. It's really saved my life.

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