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Re: Chlorella overdose and now can't get erect! Please help!! by UserX ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   5/31/2013 12:28:40 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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This is MH's forum, but I've posted elsewhere a lot of time about my close to 6 year experience on CZ. I'm not advocating any place for you to BUY fulvic (plant processed) minerals, but I went here:
and learned a lot about why we need plant processed minerals. I'd say MH's product--pancreas formula-- is what you need and not the blood sugar supplements on the market that are a waste of money. I found that to be the case when the underlying (body pollution) cause wasn't removed. Also, it takes the body a while to heal after it's been cleaned up. First things first. I reversed my situation partly because I cleaned out the body and tried to feed it the right foods, but that isn't working the best for me in the long run as foods are so depleted in minerals these days. A sick body is SO depleted in nutrients and needs what it needs to heal.

If your blood sugar is in the too high range you're going to have to keep it down until your body can heal or you will lose electrolytes. Electrolytes are the minerals.
If you want to do chlorella, then the place I found chlorella with the Shilajit (added minerals) is Watershed Wellness Center out in MI.
Oranges and apples are very high in the minerals. There are other foods, too.

Most of the supplements are just a hype and a waste of money. They say they don't work for everybody the same, and they don't. For some, they don't work at all. That's because the body can't get those nutrients to the cells --all related to body toxicity. Plus the faact that there are additives to the supplements, half of what they say are in them aren't and a whole bunch of other reasons--they're put together in a lab by man not nature like MH's stuff.

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