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About 10 days ago I started feeling very bloated all the time and my stomach seemed to hurt. by porcupine73 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   5/23/2013 10:57:33 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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About 10 days ago I started feeling very bloated all the time and my stomach seemed to hurt. There was a bit of pain in the right side mid/lower abdomen. I had had this feeling on and off a few times over the past six months but never quite this bad.

It seemed to start the day after I ate about a half pound of cheese one evening.

After a day or two days I had a huge bowel movement that was kind of a light yellowish color almost. I felt better that day, but then the discomfort in the lower right abdomen came back.

It's kind of a dull throbbing sort of pain, like 2 or 3 out of 10 on the pain scale. It doesn't hurt if I press or touch around anywhere in the abdomen. It's more uncomfortable than anything else.

From researching here I thought maybe I have gall/ liver stones , or possibly inflamed appendix.

Within the last few days I started the parasite flush with Wormwood , Black-Walnut hull, cloves and some garlic. It has made my bowel movements much better, but the discomfort in the abdomen persisted.

Last night I got some Herb Pharm Stone Breaker, echinacia, and some homeopathic things num vox, lycopodium, and chelidonium majus. I took the homeopathic things as soon as I got to my car out of the store. In a few minutes my mood as least lifted and I felt emotionally and mentally much better. I hadn't really thought about it but since the abdomen discomfort started I had been a bit depressed and anxious.

when I got home, I downed a cocktail of the Stone Breaker, echinacia, wild yam, beet root, and Black-Walnut hull, and washed it down with a lot of beet kvass. I hadn't had beet kvass in about 6 months.

I didn't really notice too much difference that night.

Then this morning I took more of the cocktail.

After a couple hours, I could feel something moving in my digestional system. It hurt a bit for a few minutes and I felt a little bit sick and like I was going to have diarrhea. Then after a couple minutes things settled down. It feels pretty good right now, it seems like whatever was lodged or causing discomfort in the mid/lower right abdomen is much reduced or possibly gone. But I'm not getting too hopeful yet since it's only been a couple hours.

So what do you think, gallstones, or is there an alien baby in there something?

Any other actions I should take? Planning on some coffee enemas maybe.

Male 40 y/o, 157LB, non-smoker, no real history of health issues

I did lose about 50 lbs 2-3 years ago. I read often 'rapid' weight loss results in gallstones. I lost the 50lbs over probably a 6-8 month timeframe.

Diet is typically relatively fatty and includes steamed and fermented vegetables. I drink a fair amount of homemade mead/honey wine on the weekends.


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